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Southpaw Technology’s Tactic Platform Gets an Upgrade

Company Deploys Code on GitHub for Open Source Development

Tactic, the open-source digital workflow platform from Southpaw Technology, just received a serious upgrade, with a new drag-and-drop ingestion widget, integration with the MongoDB open-source document database and Perforce software configuration management, and an internal messaging tool. Additionally, the code has been deployed on GitHu to facilitate collaboration among open-source developers.

Tactic was developed as a production management tool for VFX, but in its open-source version released at SIGGRAPH last year it has been downloaded by users in different vertical markets including consumer packaged goods, the defense industry, government, health care, and more, the company says. "These latest upgrades to Tactic are all part of a larger initiative to ensure that Tactic can be implemented more easily across very different data and file-system environments," said CEO Gary Mundell in a prepared statement.

In the new version of Tactic, files can be checked in to a Perforce repository directly from the Tactic interface, with automatic enforcement of naming conventions for organizational purposes. A new ingestion widget enables drag-and-drop ingestion of files from the Windows Explorer or Mac Finder windows, making mass ingestion of files much easier. Looking to the future, the company said integration with other NoSQL databases, in addition to MongoDB, is on the way.

Southpaw has a Professional Services team that provides paid support, including advice on workflow and assistance with integrating Tactic in the enterprise. The latest version of the Tactic software is available from the Tactic Community Site and via GitHub.

Southpaw Technology: www.southpawtech.com

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