Partnership Aims to Make Performance Capture More Seamless, Flexible

Facial performance capture gets a little more flexible with news of a new global partnership between Vicon and Faceware Technologies. The deal makes it easy to process and use data from Vicon's head-mounted Cara rig, a sophisticated new system for facial-performance capture, with software for analyzing and retargeting the data from Faceware Technologies.

The ability to use systems like Faceware's Analyzer and its Retargeter plug-in for Autodesk animation software was suggested at Vicon's SIGGRAPH booth last year, but the formal partnership builds a bridge between the two companies as far as technology is concerned. Faceware's software can now process data from the Cara rig in single-camera configuration as easily as it can data from Faceware's own head-mounted camera systems, the company said.

"The main goal of this global partnership is to simplify the mocap process by making sure that studios — and really anyone using both Vicon systems and our software products — are not hindered in any way," said Faceware VP of Business Development Peter Busch in a prepared statement. VIcon Entertainment Product Manager Phil Elderfield said the combination of Cara's modular design with Faceware's widely used software would expand the potential market for performance capture.

Watch the demo video, below, for a look at the integration between Cara and Faceware's software.