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Cinedeck Expands 4K/UHD and Broadcast HD Capabilities

MX4K Records Two Channels of 4K While Simultaneously Making HD Master/Proxy Copies and H.264 for Streaming

Cinedeck is updating its line of digital recording products with new hardware and software features. The company says the new MX4K recorder will expand 4K workflow possiblities by eliminating many transcoding steps. Meanwhile, a v5 software release for the RX3G and MX recorders will add support for international HD broadcast delivery standards.

The Cinedeck MX4K recorder will support recording two channels of YUV10 4K and UHD at 30fps to SSD drives, simultaneously creating deliverables in ready-to-edit HD master and proxy formats as well as H.264 for streaming. The high-res camera feeds can also be downconverted in real time for HD monitoring on set. 4K, HD master and proxy files are all recorded to the internal SSDs, while deliverables in ProRes or Cineform formats are written to a SAN for immediate availability to editorial. At the same time, custom LUTs can be applied to the HD, proxy, and H.264 output files as well as to the MX4K's on-board display.

Since Cinedeck controls all of the file processing, file names and metadata are consistent among the versions, the company said. "These capabilities are of great advantage in efficient content creation," said Cinedeck founder and CEO Charles D'Autremont in a prepared statement, "as editors can begin their work immediately with the peace of mind that edits will seamlessly relink between offline and online processes."

The RX3G and MX will get new AS10/AS11-compliant codec and wrapper specifications with v5 software, including XDCAM HD Op1A, AVC Intra-100 Op1A and D-10 (IMX) Op1A, Cinedeck said. The new software also includes improved Edit While Record and EDL features and enhanced H.264 support.

Cinedeck didn't promise a release date for the MX4K, but a company rep tells us it will be shipping in time for NAB.

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