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ARRI Alexa Update Adds 96fps DNxHD Support

ARRIRaw Converter 3.0 Supports Upres to 4K or UHD and Handles Footage from B&W Alexa

ARRI released version 9.1 of the Alexa "software update packet" this week, adding DNxHD frame rates of up to 96fps to Alexa XT cameras as well as to Alexa Classic cameras with the XR Module upgrade.

Exactly how fast you can crank DNxHD depends on how you are recording footage. The full 96fps can be recorded to XR capture drives, and 120 GB CFast 2.0 cards will let you capture at up to 90fos. Recording to 64 GB SxS Pro cards is limited to 60fps, and recording to 32 GB SxS Pro tops out at 30fps. ARRI said the new software also fixes bugs that affected audio output quality, stability of ProRes encoding, and audio sync with DNxHD clips, among other tweaks. The download and complete release notes are available at arri.com.

At the same time, ARRI announced that version 3.0 of the ARRIRAW Converter (ARC) software for Mac OS X and Windows 7/8 had come out of beta. This version includes the ability to upres Alexa footage to 4K or UHD-1 (3840×2160) as well as support for the open-gate sensor mode on the Alexa XT and footage from the newly released Alexa XT B+W camera, plus a pixel-masking feature allowing experienced users to correct any "impaired" pixels in the footage from a particular camera. ARC 3.0 is available in GUI or command-line versions.

ARRI has released a series of tutorial videos showing how to use new features in ARC 3.0. Check them out at the ARRI website for a better perspective on what's been added and how it works.

For more on the black-and-white Alexa, take a gander at this Kylie Minogue video, which combines Alexa XT B+W shots with color Alexa footage and scenes captured with a 16mm Bolex, or simply visit ARRI's page about the camera. 

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