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Freefly Systems Ships MoVI M5 Stabilizer with Five-Pound Payload

Follow-Up to Last Year's MoVI 10 Designed for DSLRs and Other Small Form Factors

Freefly Systems said it is now shipping its MoVI M5 handheld camera stabilizer that supports up to a five-pound camera-and-lens payload. That means the $4,995 MoVI will soon be smoothing the moves of operators wielding cameras like the Canon 5DK, the Nikon D800, Panasonic's GH4, and the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera.

The M5 is essentially a smaller version of the $14,995 MoVI M10, which was introduced to much fanfare last year as a stabilizer for cameras with a similar size and weight to the Red Epic and an under-12 pound payload. Productions that put it to use include The Wolf of Wall Street and Game of Thrones. The much less expensive M5 carries over the M10's "Majestic Mode," which converts the operator's handle movements into smoothly stabilized pans and tilts for single-operator shooting. For two-operator set-ups, the system can be controlled remotely via an optional radio controller. 

The M5 weighs 4.75 pounds and has a fully enclosed camera cage measuring 130mm long by 180mm wide by 120mm high. Wiring is protected and the camera plate is adjustable, with a quick-release top handle.

Confused about which camera systems work with which MoVI? The company has published a handy chart [PDF] showing what's what. Freefly has suggested the future release of a MoVI M20 could address larger cameras. Meanwhile, hardcore users have reported luck modifying the M10, with some difficulty, to accept cameras like the ARRI Alexa M and Sony F55, but it's a warranty-busting endeavor. Check in at the Freefly forum for more info.

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