New Free Plug-in Enhances RenderMan Support in The Foundry's Look-Dev and Lighting Platform

Pixar Animation Studios released RenderMan for Katana, building a bridge between Pixar's rendering system and The Foundry's Katana look-dev and lighting platform.

The two companies announced a partnership to integrate Katana and Renderman at last year's SIGGRAPH, saying that their work together on Pixar short "The Blue Umbrella" [pictured, top] had convinced them that Katana and RenderMan together made a strong rendering and lighting combo.

Katana users can now take advantage of RenderMan Pro Server features such as path tracing, geometric area lights, improved volume rendering (including support for the VolumePixelSamples call), and a RenderMan shader suite. Also included is "it," the RenderMan Studio image viewer, which is now available as an alternate viewer inside Katana. 

"We are excited that artists will now have access to the built-in RenderMan shaders out of the box," said Katana Product Manager Andy Lomas in a prepared statement. "This is only the beginning of what we can achieve together."

RenderMan for Katana is a free plug-in for Katana users on the Linux platform. It works with RenderMan Pro Server 18 and Katana 1.5 and 1.6.