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12 Best Long Takes in Film History

Or, how to start an epic argument among film geeks. There is some terrific camerawork on tap in these scenes, but is Alfonso Cuarón really the master of the long take?


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  • Marty Rhodes

    Opening shot from Rush (1991) is worth an honorable mention

  • Alex

    what about the Russian Ark ?

    • http://Mesnard.wordpress.com/ Mesnard

      I’ll treat Russian Ark as an honorable mention (since it was mentioned at the end).

  • http://Mesnard.wordpress.com/ Mesnard

    Great topic! I like how you covered it; not only talking what the longest takes were, but also something even a minute or two which packs an emotional wallop in one form or another. Explaining what it took to pull it off added even more depth to what made these shots great (aside from resisting the urge to cut to hold an audience’s attention).

    A fav of mine not included is the Kill Bill sequence traveling through the restaurant – but I can’t argue with your list. The first one shot I think I ever noticed was the mentioned Goodfellas scene.