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Tektronix Says Existing WFM8300 Waveform Monitor Will Be 4K-Capable with Upgrade

Tektronix said its WFM8300 waveform monitor will be upgradeable to UHD (3840×2160). The company didn't officially announce pricing or availability of the upgrade, but said it wanted to have a technology demonstration of the 4K capabilities at NAB in order to reassure customers that the current model was not approaching obsolescence. 

"Customers who purchase or have already purchased the WFM8300 will be able to add 4K support as a simple upgrade," said Tektronix Video Product Line GM Eben Jenkins in a prepared statement. "Customers can continue to purchase the equipment they need for their existing requirements, secure in the knowledge that when the time comes to roll out 4K, they can easily upgrade."

The company said the upgraded monitors would be able to handle tiled display of waveform, picture, vector, gamut and eye diagram for 4K content. 

In other 4K-related developments, Tektronix was touting HEVC elementary stream analysis features of its MTS4000 MPEG Test and Analysis System, which is designed to help with development of more efficient encoders using the H.265/HEVC compression standard that's being rolled out for mobile video, OTT delivery, and 4K and Ultra HD. The MTS4000 can decode HEVC streams at up to 4K of resolution and offers overlays for coding, prediction, and transform units, macroblock, slice, tile, and motion vector of the decoded picture. The same capabilities are available in Tektronix's MTS3EAV7 PC-based software, the company said.

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