Unlimited Access to Stock Sounds, Loops and Production Music for $99 a Year

Footage Firm, creator of the subscription-based VideoBlocks and GraphicStock premium content services, has unveiled a companion AudioBlocks stock music service aimed at professional video editors and the wider enthusiast market. VideoBlocks users—among them, many at the networks—have downloaded nearly 23 million clips since the inaugural service launched, making it one of the more affordable and hassle-free places to look for quality b-roll, After Effects templates and stock special effects online.

Similar to the yearly subscription models for the other two services, $99 a year (or $79 monthly) gives AudioBlocks users access to unlimited downloads of high-quality MP3 or WAV audio content unrestricted by time-based licenses or additional fees of any kind. When a subscription ends, users retain the rights to the audio indefinitely and don't have to worry about hidden licensing fees based on eventual broadcast reach. That's a very comforting concept to any video editor on deadline with so many other moving parts. And with that kind of pricing and flexibility, say AudioBlocks's creators, a video editor or producer could download thousands of loops, special audio effects, production music and stock sounds for the price of one licensed song at a competitive music service. The single entry fee for unlimited content makes AudioBlocks unique among current stock music options.

Search on the site is familiarly organized by mood, genre and instruments. Footage Firm is paying close attention to the way its users search and will use popular items as guideposts for stocking future sounds.

The service will continue to add new sound effects, loops and music weekly, but you can check out the current archive with a one-week trial and download up to 140 tracks without spending a dime. If you like what you hear, trial users can continue after seven days with unlimited access for $49 per month.