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Convergent Design Updates Odyssey7/7Q Firmware

Convergent Design has released a new firmware update for its Odyssey7 and Odyssey7Q, versatile OLED monitors that double as recording devices.

New features enabled in both models via firmware v2.11.110 include new higher framerates for Apple ProRes 422 HQ recording (1080p50 and 1080p59.94), scrubbing while a file is playing, and new options for the finger-drag function in pixel-zoom mode.

Meanwhile, the Odyssey7Q gets a new POV raw record option (unlockable for $1,495, or available as a $99/day feature rental) that records raw data to Cinema DNG files, supporting the IO Industries Flare 2KSDI camera and the Indiecam IndieGS2K camera. The 7Q also has new options for raw footage from the Canon C500 and the Sony FS700.

The upgrade also brings with it a number of bug fixes and improvements to touchscreen calibration and response. Here's the full list of features and improvements as provided by Convergent Design.


Higher Frame Rates For Apple ProRes 422(HQ) In 1080p
Apple ProRes 422(HQ) recording is now enabled in 1080p50 and 1080p59.94.

Integrated Deck Control And Scrubbing in Play Mode
Scrubbing through clips is now available both while the file is playing as well as when it is paused.

Selectable Pixel Zoom Drag Orientation
When using the finger drag function to select the section of the image visible in Pixel Zoom function, the drag orientation can be set to follow the finger move (drag the image) or oppose the finger move (drag the window).


New POV RAW Record Option Available For Purchase or Rent
The POV RAW Record Option is for various special function cameras with RAW output. The RAW data is captured as Cinema DNG files. The POV RAW Record Option is $1495 to purchase or $99/day to rent through the Convergent Design website.

The cameras currently supported include the IO Industries Flare 2KSDI and the Indiecam indieGS2K. Supported RAW formats for these cameras are as follows.

IO Industries Flare 2KSDI 2048×1080 23.98 – 60p 10-bit RAW
IO Industries Flare 2KSDI 1920×1080 23.98 – 60p 10-bit RAW

Indiecam indieGS2K 2048×1080 23.98 – 60p 10-bit RAW
Indiecam indieGS2K 1920×1080 23.98 – 120p 10-bit RAW
Indiecam indieGS2K 1920×1080 23.98 – 60p 12-bit RAW

Canon C500 High Speed RAW SupportCanon Cinema RAW “4K Half RAW” mode 4096×1080 is supported at 50p/60p and 100p/120p. The Odyssey7Q currently supports the original full frame height version of the Canon 4K half RAW, not the “4Kx1K” cropped mode. Only the highest frame rates in the Slow & Fast modes are currently supported.

Sony FS700 4K2HD Recording Up To 60p
FS700 4K RAW to HD Apple ProRes 422(HQ) is now available up to 60p (59.94). 50p is also available.


FIXED Time of Day timecode issue

FIXED Backward file compatibility during firmware updates

FIXED “Ticking” audio after 720p file recovery

FIXED Black dots in live image when overexposing or white-clipping

FIXED False-triggering when Odyssey set to camera trigger

FIXED Timecode triggering in 720p

FIXED False “Warranty Void” notice on some units from previous firmware

FIXED 1080psf audio sync issue in Playback

FIXED Pixel Zoom mode distorting of image on OLED

IMPROVED Touchscreen response

IMPROVED Touchscreen recalibrates by engaging F1 Lock button

Go to www.convergent-design.com/firmware-downloads.html to download the latest firmware, update instructions, firmware release notes, quick-start guides, and the latest Odyssey7 and Odyssey7Q manuals.

An Odyssey SSD or Odyssey Utility Drive is required to perform the update.

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