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Vimeo on Demand Broadens Content with New Partners

Includes The Congress from Drafthouse Films as well as MarVista Family Programming

Vimeo is stepping outside of its comfort zone within the indie film inner circle and expanding its content distribution partners to include those offering family programming, extreme sports and fitness, signaling broader VOD opportunities for filmmakers of every genre.

The partnerships, announced today, also include new deals with Vimeo loyalist Gravitas Ventures (I am I, The Longest Week, Felony) and Alamo Drafthouse Cinema's distribution arm, Drafthouse Films. Long known for its artfully curated slate of uniquely engaging independent movies, Drafthouse will add the Academy Award-nominated The Act of Killing, SXSW favorite Cheap Thrills and Ari Folman's Waltz with Bashir follow-up The Congress (above) to Vimeo's on-demand archive.

X-Treme Video will add more than 400 titles from its extreme sports films holdings. Yoga and fitness powerhouse Gaiam will release about 60 titles per year on Vimeo, including the acclaimed environmental documentaries A Fierce Green Fire and Edge of the Earth. Canadian distributor BFS Entertainment & Multimedia Limited will add several BBC and Australian television series to the mix and titles from Inception Media Group will include comedy and horror titles.

MarVista Digital Entertainment (MVDE), part of feature film producer and distributor MarVista Entertainment and long-time producer of Disney Channel and NBC Universal programming, will provide the majority of new family-friendly films to Vimeo's on-demand library.


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  • Skip Fredricks

    Im not understanding why they have to “partner” with content providers posting “old” content when the platform itself is made up of 1000’s of creative producers creating new content, if I wanted to watch reruns, I’d watch TV Land… geez Vimeo who’s taking lessons from the 90’s…. What you should be doing is providing more support to those that pay you and brought you here!!

    • Daniel Lowe

      You have absolutely nailed the issue for me. I’ve got a video with 180,000 views, and what is Vimeo doing for me? Nothing what-so-ever.

      Instead they keep trying to buy up “YouTube stars” and other content.. instead of supporting those that have been loyal PAYING subscribers for years.

      When asked about this topic, Vimeo Staff is strangely silent….

      • chadchud

        Completely agree Dan!