Device Mounts Inside Company's Rack-Mount Enclosures for Apple's Cylindrical Workstation

Sonnet Technologies has another way to treat your new Mac Pro — or any Thunderbolt 2-enabled device — to a 10 GbE connection with its new Twin 10G dual-port 10 GbE Thunderbolt adapter.

Housed in an aluminum casing that also serves as a heat sink, the Twin 10G also has an "ultraquiet" fan on board, Sonnet said. The device has two Thunderbolt 2 ports (one of them can be used to daisy-chain devices) and two RJ45 ports, which allow 10 GbE connections at up to 100 meters using CAT-6A copper cabling.

The device can be mounted inside Sonnets xMac Pro rand RackMac Pro rackmount enclosures for the new Mac Pro, both of which are designed to make the oddly shaped machine better match the form factor of rack-mounted workstations.

"Our new Twin 10G dual-port 10 Gigabit Ethernet Thunderbolt 2 adapter provides users with a powerfully simple and cost-effective way to add fast 10GbE connectivity to their notebooks, laptops, or desktops," said Sonnet CEO Robert Farnsworth in a prepared statement.

The Twin 10G ($599) will be exhibited at IBC next week and is expected to ship in October.