Crammed into a Carry-On Pelican Case and Powered by Hot-Swappable Batteries, It's Designed for Travel

The Motion FX ThunderPack, a portable, battery-operated 40 TB RAID array with video IO aimed at on-set workflow — a finalist in the Studio Prime Awards this year — is making its U.S. debut at NAB.

TP_full_quarter_front_smallHoused in a watertight, dustproof, and extremely tightly packed Pelican case that passes as an airport carry-on, the ThunderPack has up to 40 TB of RAID-0 or up to 36 TB of RAID-6 on board, plus three-port Gigabit Ethernet connectivity, a WiFi access point and router. Hardware options include Blackmagic Design's Ultrastudio Mini Monitor for video out or AJA's Io 4K for video I/O.

Motion FX CTO Evangelos Achillopoulos told StudioDaily at the show that the hot-swappable Li-ion battery system is a key selling point."It can run six hours with a charge," he said. "That menas you can swap it with a second battery and run it for a full day without charging. This is not common in production tools."

The package includes LTO-6 backup and working surfaces that unfold from the case.

Starting today, the Thunderpack will be on display at software partner YoYotta's booth in the lower south hall (SL13616).