Cospective CineSync has taken its Shotgun integration a step further, building a portal dedicated to Shotgun's production tracking, review and asset management system directly into CineSync. The new integration went into private beta after this year's NAB, and is included in the release of CineSync 3.6.

CineSync has integrated some Shotgun functionality since way back in 2010, but software maker Cospective said a Shotgun Review portal has now been built into CineSync, allowing CineSync Pro users in both OS X and Windows to browse an instance of Shotgun without any additional configuration and without leaving CineSync. Shotgun versions and playlists can be added to CineSync sessions with one click, and CineSync will automatically download any files that are actually stored in Shotgun.

CineSync notes and drawings can be posted to Shotgun after review is complete, and CineSync and Shotgun data can be merged to keep notes and other annotations together. Here's a video from Cospective showing how it works:

"Simplifying the entire review process is a big focus for us, and CineSync is being used by most of our clients already," said Shotgun CEO Don Parker in a prepared statement.

Other new features in the latest CineSync include improvements to Wacom drawing features, and the ability to choose to save annotated frames at native or "display" size.

CineSync is available by subscription, and starts at $319/month for two users, with hefty discounts based on increased numbers of users or longer subscription terms.