Three Zooms and Five Primes to Be Available in EF-, E- and (Some) PL-Mount Versions

Sigma, long known to still photographers as a second-tier option for quality glass, is introducing its first cine-style lenses at IBC. 

The company announced two Super 35 zooms, one full-frame zoom, and five full-frame primes. The lenses will be available first with EF- and E-mounts, with PL-mount versions to follow. The Super 35 zooms are expected to arrive in the U.S. and Japan by the end of this year.

Because the Sigma Cine Lenses borrow their optical systems from still lenses that offer 50 megapixels of resolution, Sigma said, they resolve adequate detail for 6K-8K shooting and chroma keying.  The lenses are dust-proof and splash-proof, the company said, with 100% metal bodies and luminous paint markings and laser engraving for visibility and durability on set. The lenses will be manufactured at Sigma's factory in Aizu, Japan.

Sigma Cine Lenses

18–35mm T2
50–100mm T2
24–35mm T2.2 FF
20mm T1.5 FF
24mm T1.5 FF
35mm T1.5 FF
50mm T1.5 FF
85mm T1.5 FF

Sigma is making two High Speed Zooms that cover a Super 35 sensor (an 18–35mm T2 lens and a 50–100mm T2 lens) and a full-frame FF Zoom (24–35mm T2.2) that covers a full-frame image circle. Sigma said the full-frame lens will offer "the highest image quality and compact design," but will not be offered in a PL-mount version.

The five FF High Speed Prime lenses will include 20mm, 24mm, 35mm, 50mm and 85mm versions, all at T1.5. All of them cover a full-frame sensor and will eventually be available in PL versions.

All of the Sigma Cine Lenses are standardized to use 82mm filters — except the 20mm prime, which doesn't take any filters, and the 85mm prime, which uses an 86mm filter — and share a 95mm front diameter. Gear positions are standardized across the lenses, and the rotational angles of focus (180 degrees) and zoom (160 degrees) have been more than doubled compared to the still-camera versions. Color balance has also been standardized across the line, Sigma said.

The Sigma Cine Lenses will be demo'd at Sigma's IBC exhibit (stand 12.B68), the company said. Pricing has not been announced.