Sigma has announced price and availability details for two of the new Cine lenses that it brought to IBC. (See our previous coverage.)

The Cine High Speed Zoom 18–35mm T2 and 50–100mm T2 lenses are set to ship December 9 for a retail price of $3,999 each in Sony E-Mount or Canon EF-Mount versions, Sigma said. The new lenses are said to combine existing still photography optical designs with a new mechanical lens body.

Sigma Cine Lenses

18–35mm T2
50–100mm T2
24–35mm T2.2 FF
20mm T1.5 FF
24mm T1.5 FF
35mm T1.5 FF
50mm T1.5 FF
85mm T1.5 FF

Those two lenses are available for pre-order now, direct from Sigma or through its dealer network. Six more lenses in the line-up are set for availability sometime in 2017.