Sony announced new firmware updates for its F5, F55, FS5 and Z150 cameras at NAB, along with a new OLED viewfinder and a Thunderbolt 2 card reader with AXS Memory A series and SxS card slots.

New firmware will allow the FS5 to shoot continuous 120fps in full HD, and the F5 and F55 will get frame rates of up to 120p in 4K as well as the new ability to sync with Sony wireless adapters for applications like streaming or cloud collaboration.

Sony DVF-EL00

The DVF-EL200 is a new 1920×1080 OLED viewfinder option for the F5 and F55 that Sony says is brighter than the 1280×720 DVF-EL100. Sony said the eye sensor has been improved, and brightness, contrast and peaking level settings have been enhanced.

Sony AXS-AR1

And the AXS-AR1 card reader supports simultaneous recording of raw or X-OCN and XAVC or MPEG50 files from the F55 or F5 and AXS-R7 combo. As a Thunderbolt device, it’s daisy-chainable, too.

Sony also introduced the LMD-B240, a basic HD production monitor. Existing monitors including the PVM-A250 and A170 and the LMD-A240, A220 and A170, have received a firmware upgrade including support for ITU-R BT.2020 color space.

Finally, the UMC-S3CA is a small, lightweight 4K E-mount camera with a full-frame sensor and genlock capabilities. It’s being marketed for 360/VR and POV/crash cam use.

Aside from gear, the headline news at Sunday’s press conference was the announcement that Sony had acquired broadcast automation specialist Crispin, which is being integrated into Sony’s pro solutions group and will presumably drive Sony’s own broadcast automation development.