Composer Jules Bromley is one of the founders of Evolving Sound, a new production company for trailer music in Manchester, U.K.

Bromley is Evolving Sound’s creative director, Olivia Dixon is head of production, Michelle Bromley is marketing director, and Texas-based Lawrence Godfrey is head of promotions in the U.S. Composers on the company’s roster include Stephan Fischer, Josh Wynter, Tom Evans, Michael Maas, Mike Reed, Alex Baranowski, Nik Ammar and Ross Tregenza.

The company launched with three albums of trailer-pitched music: Rapture, recorded with the Budapest Symphony Orchestra; Regenerate, which features hybrid orchestral and synthetic music; and the electronica-themed Spiked. Licenses can be purchased directly from the company’s website.

“Our overriding focus is quality and originality,” said Bromley in a prepared statement. “The trailer music landscape moves very quickly, so we’re determined to deliver exceptional, forward-looking tracks by the best writing talent available, recorded and produced to the highest standards.”

Evolving Sound: