Cospective has released a new version of CineSync that adds integration with NIM Labs studio management software and Aspera Connect file transfers to CineSync Pro.

CineSync 4.1 is the first 64-bit release of CineSync, the company said, with a new playback engine that takes advantage of all available system memory to optimize playback and support high-resolution and high-frame-rate files.

“The wealth of updates in 4.1 showcase our continued commitment to the optimisation and improvement of CineSync,” said Cospective CEO Rory McGregor in a prepared statement. “We’re thrilled to continue our work with our fantastic integration partners Shotgun, Ftrack, Aspera, Safestream, and now NIM, ensuring that our product can adapts to studio workflows all around the world.”

CineSync Pro now includes a direct integration with studio management software NIM, from California’s NIM Labs.

NIM integration in CineSync Pro encompasses project management, job and asset tracking, financial tracking, review and approval, Cospective said. Any media stored in NIM can be reviewed in CineSync, with the option to export session notes and drawings to NIM when the session is complete.

Aspera Connect integration has been updated in CineSync Pro so that users can use their own Aspera server and initiate transfers without leaving a review session. Aspera Faspex account support has also been added for CineSync Pro users.

Among other new features are a new option for simple frame playback that supports media types includng DPX, Cineon and EXR as well as a new option for encrypting all media from Shotgun or Ftrack AWS storage that means downloaded media is never saved to disk in an unencrypted form. In order to open encrypted media, the CineSync session must be hosted by the party that initiated the encryption. After the session is over, all downloaded files can be automatically deleted from the guest’s system.

Integration with Ftrack has also been firmed up to make it easier to save notes and drawings to the correct version in Ftrack.

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