New Action Selectives Double Up As Part of Look-Dev Workflow, As Well As VFX Tools

Autodesk updated its Flame family of products to v2018.3 this week, adding image isolation tools with implications for look-development in addition to VFX and motion graphics workflows.

Flame’s new Action Selectives allow users to specify only a select portion of an image for applying pixel-based VFX shaders or look development, using masks, keys, mattes, or some combination of the three to create a refined selection.

Autodesk said Action Selectives were designed as an easy-to-use alternative to existing isolation techniques that can require complicated navigation and manipulation of the batch flow graph, especially over multiple iterations of a given effect. By bypassing the use of nodes and schematics, Action Selectives are meant to be more accessible to all levels of user — at least until the effects involved become especially complex.

Other new features in Flame 2018.3 include Motion Warp Tracking, which allows images to be tracked and distorted based on motion-vector data. It’s designed for use with organic material types such as skin and clothing. It works as a complement to Flame’s existing point, planar, and 3D camera tracking technology, giving users an efficient way to execute beauty work, finish clean-up tasks, and track animated surfaces.

Flame 360-degree viewing mode

A new 360-degree VR viewing mode allows LatLong images to be viewed in the Flame player or any viewport during compositing, and includes adjustments for manipulating the field of view.

Flame HDR waveform monitoring
John Ashby & Aura FX 

HDR and wide-color-gamut can now be monitored in the viewport, with support for waveforms in Rec. 2100 PQ, Rec. 2020 and DCI p# color spaces.

Flame Shotgun software loader

And a new Shotgun Loader allows users to browse sequences and load assets into Flame via Flame’s recently implemented Python API.

Products in Flame Family 2018.3, including Flame, Flare, Flame Assist and Lustre, are available now for users with a current Flame Family 2018 subscription. A subscription to Flame is $500/month or $4,000 for one year. Flame Assist and Flare are each $2,135/year, and Lustre is priced through Autodesk’s reseller network.

Flame 2018.3 Update Highlights: