Ikan debuted the Saga S7H seven-inch on-camera monitor at NAB New York, saying it would be the first in a new series of monitors aimed at filmmakers.

Offering both HDMI and 3G-SDI inputs and outputs, the 1920×1200 S7H is similar to Ikan’s existing VXF7 monitor, but with fewer knobs and buttons and some improved specs, including a higher brightness rating (700 nits versus 300 nits) and a lower weight (0.5 pounds compared to 1 pound).

The S7H has a cleaner look, with a handful of buttons and a selection dial relocated from the lower front to the top edge of the unit. It is missing the VXF7’s legacy support for component and composite video in, and it ships with two Canon LP-E6 battery plates, while the VXF7 has one E6 and one Sony L plate.

“When creating the Saga S7H, we wanted to fill the void in the marketplace for an affordable high bright monitor that would also be slim and lightweight,” said Ikan Product Manager Dariel Resendez in a prepared statement. “Most monitors available on the market today are high priced, heavier, and bulky. The S7H boasts 700 nits of brightness while maintaining a slim profile and doesn’t break the bank.”

Ikan also announced the SX7, a 1700-nit 1920×1200 panel with custom 3D LUT support and vectorscope and RGB parade displays built in.

The S7H is now shipping at a list price of $750. The SX7 is listed as “coming soon” at a list price of $1,099.

Ikan: ikancorp.com