ProDAD today released Mercalli EZ Mac, video stabilization software designed to quickly take the jitters out of shaky video clips.

Available only for Mac OS and aimed mainly at drone flyers and GoPro users, EZ Mac is based on the same technology behind Mercalli SAL Mac, but with a simplified interface and mostly automated performance. It performs three-axis video stabilization and rolling-shutter/CMOS correction, removes fish-eye warp, comes with automatic settings for certain camera models, and supports export to H.264 and ProRes 422, with H.265 slated for a coming update.

A side-by-side preview of the original clip with the corrected version is also available.

“It only processes one clip at a time and does not have all the bells and whistles of Mercalli SAL Mac, but what it does it does well,” said ProDAD CEO Robert DeMoulin. “While some camera and drone makers have in-camera stabilization, Mercalli EZ actually does a better job smoothing things out, and significantly better than even iMovie’s stabilizer.”

It’s not as configurable as the full-featured version, but it’s priced to sell at $40. (A special introductory price of $29 is good until October 31, the company said.) A 30-day trial version that outputs watermarked clips is available, and upgrades to Mercalli SAL Mac are $110.