GX8-M Rackmount Server Supports Up to 10 PCIe Gen 3.0 x16 Devices

Boxx Technologies introduced the GX8-M, a new series of beefy 4RU servers designed for deep learning, data analytics, and other high-performance computing applications.

The GX8-M is built with dual AMD EPYC 7000-series 32-core processors and up to 4 TB of DDR4 memory, as well as up to 10 removable 2.5-inch and four internal 2.5-inch (or two 3.5-inch) SSD SATA drives.

Critically, it supports peering eight full-size AMD Radeon Pro or Radeon Instinct or NVIDIA Quadro or Tesla graphics cards via Boxx’s SR3615 PCIe 95-lane switch expander, a piece of technology it acquired in the acquisition earlier this year of Cirrascale. That allows the eight GPUs to communicate directly via the system’s PCI bus, creating a microcluster that doesn’t involve the CPUs, maximizing GPU performance.

In addition, the server can accommodate Nvidia Quadro Sync II cards network or storage adapters, and NVMe devices.

The GX8-M can run 64-bit Windows 10, RedHat Enterprise Linux 6 and later, CentOS 6 and later, and Ubuntu 12.04 and later. Systems start at $10,999, but prices will “vary greatly” based on exact configurations, Boxx said.

Boxx M-Class: www.boxx.com