SGO announced a forthcoming update to its Mistika VR stitching software that the company says encodes media at 4K resolution at faster-than-real-time speeds.

Currently available in an open beta version for all subscribing customers, Mistika VR 8.8.4 supports GPU acceleration for Nvidia chips on Windows PCs, allowing the system to top out at around 45 fps when rendering 4K x 2K clips. (OS X support for GPU-acceleration is dependent on Apple supporting the latest Nvidia drivers, Mistika said.) Optical Flow stitching is now “typically” 50% faster than in previous versions, the company said.

The new software supports lossless quality tiers for both H.264 and H.265, making them usable as intermediate codecs. DNG support has been enhanced, including new support for Blackmagic’s compressed DNG format, Mistika said.

Also added in this version are new camera presets for GoPro Fusion, Vuze, IndieCam, Yi 360 VR, iZugar Z2XL180 and iZugar Z4XL (3840×2160).

SGO Mistika VR is available for an annual subscription payment of €499 ($590) for the Personal Edition or €699 ($827) for the Professional Edition with stereo 3D support. A monthly subscription is €49 ($59) for the Personal Edition or €69 ($83) for the Professional Edition with automatic renewals or €79 ($93) or €99 ($117) without.