Sony ECX339A 0.5-type OLED Microdisplay

Sony is claiming a breakthrough in display technology that could lead to a new generation of high-resolution camera viewfinders.

Its newest OLED microdisplay, the 0.5-type (12.6mm diagonal) ECX339A, boasts UXGA (1600 x 1200) resolution, a big step up from the previous QVGA (1280 x 960) model, and supports frame rates of up to 240fps. Sony claims the new display’s pixel pitch of 6.3μm is the smallest on the market.

The ECX339A is now shipping in sample quantities, with mass production slated to begin in November. Sony’s announcement suggested the new displays will make their way into Sony mirrorless camera viewfinders as well as AR and VR head-mounted displays, where the display’s fast refresh rate will mean less lag-induced motion sickness for users.

Sony OLED Microdisplays comparison

Sony offered this comparison of images from its previous-generation OLED microdisplay (right) with the new product.