Apantac said it has updated its HDMI 2.0 product line — including splitters, distribution amplifiers and matrices — and has applied for a patent for a new video transmission technology that allows a splitter to communicate directly with different displays over different outputs.

As a result, Apantac claims, the new system, which it calls Optimized Video Transmission Technology, allows tweaks including color-space correction, chroma resampling and scaling to be applied individually to different output channels.

“The current technology for video distribution and matrix switching has been around for a very long time, yet only supports the distribution of the exact same source multiple times, i.e. sending the same source to multiple displays,” said Apantac President Thomas Tang in a prepared statement. “Our team here at Apantac has designed and produced an invention that includes dynamic detection of each output that is connected to a display.”

Apantac HDMI 2.0 1×4 Distribution Amplifier / Splitter

Apantac’s HDMI 2.0 products support UHD HDR content at up to 60p with chroma resolution of 4:4:4. They support all video resolutions, audio formats and color spaces specified by HDMI 2.0a, Apantac said.

Apantac: apantac.com