Object Storage: Customer Insights & Best Practices

Read this paper to learn why organizations deployed object storage and what they learned from the experience.

IDC conducted in-depth interviews with IT managers at three enterprise firms that had deployed object storage. With each, IDC explored their decision process, integration, and lessons learned.

Learn about IDC’s findings and analysis. The three organizations interviewed were:

1) A Large Retail Chain Store in the U.S.

100,000 employees, 100 IT staff, 6,000+ applications, over 2PB of unstructured data on NAS arrays.

2) A Large Broadcasting Studio in the U.S.

Over 6PB of storage including block, file, and object data; growing at about 500TB a year. Dependence on LTO tape libraries for archiving, but now using Cloudian as an active archive tier to keep data accessible at all times.

3) A Wealth and Asset Management Services Company in Europe

Over 4,000 employees; 6PB of data across siloed storage solutions for block, file, and object.

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