There was plenty of Rick and Morty to go around when Adult Swim invited 22 different guest artists to a collaborative animation project, where each one added to the ongoing surrealist misadventures in their own distinct style. The results are pleasantly incoherent — which is the point of a classic “exquisite corpse” exercise.


Director: Matt Taylor

Supervising Producer: Ben Kalina
Producer: Will Feng

Adult Swim
Executive Producer: Jason Demarco
Producer: Jennifer Kearns

Music: “Thursday in the Danger Room (instrumental version)” from the album “RTJ3” by Run The Jewels.

Rick and Morty LLC
Director: Erica Hayes
Animator: Miguel Otalora

ARTISTS (in order of appearance)

1. Nigel Clark – Multiple Rick fight
2. Greg Sharp – Rick and Morty battle
3. Hombre McSteez – Morty in the park
4. Simon Landrein – Morty pulled out of Jerry
5. Andy Baker – Train tracks
6. Scorpion Dagger – Fine art painting
7. Sick Animation – Mirror
8. Jisu Kim – Schrodinger’s cat
9. Dan Britt – Warpy walks
10. Max Winston – Clay faces
11. Ryan Quincy – Rick and Morty hug
12. Alex Schubert – baseball toss
13. Richard Mather – Beth zombies/Scary Terry
14. David Gemmill – Rick shoots Morty monster
15. Amy Lockhart – zit
16. Genis Rigol Alzola – Lady Rick chased
17. Sander Joon – Rick and Morty sushi
18. Devin Flynn – temple sacrifice
19. Marco Imov – Alien battle
20. Shogo Tsuri – Morty blows up Jerry face
21. Bendik Kaltenborn – Bar patrons
22. Lale Westvind – Morty rides Rick beast