Endeavor and Roddenberry Entertainment Are Developing Content for Nascent Content Creation and Distribution Ecosystem

A new milestone was placed on a very long road today, as Light Field Lab and OTOY announced a technology partnership aimed at creating an end-to-end system for creating and displaying glasses-free holographic content. Equally important, the companies said Endeavor and Roddenberry Entertainment had committed to developing original holographic content, with Endeavor CEO Ariel Emanuel and Roddenberry CEO Rod Roddenberry spearheading the initiative.

Under the terms of the partnership, Light Field Lab will contribute its holographic display technology and OTOY will provide its ORBX Technology for rendering media and graphics with holographic display panels.

“OTOY has created the capture, rendering and streaming technology for the industry to transition to holographic content development, as well as the RNDR blockchain for IP rights and distribution,” said Emanuel in a prepared statement. “We’re excited to use this platform to bring true holographic content to Light Field Lab’s displays, which will give consumers unbelievable experiences without the burden of 3D glasses or VR headsets.”

Following the initial demonstrations of small-scale prototypes that began earlier this year, Light Field Lab said its displays will scale up to room size, with video walls potentially incorporating hundreds of gigapixels of “light-field resolution.” OTOY’s RNDR, a blockchain rendering platform, will make it possible to render holographic content using the company’s real-time light-field physics engine. Light Field Labs and OTOY are targeting both professional and consumer markets.

Holographic Concept Art

Future vision concept art of room scale holographic display
Light Field Lab

“The concept of the Holodeck was extremely important to my father [Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry] as well as the Star Trek universe,” said Rod Roddenberry in a prepared statement. “I want to see Star Trek’s technologies made real, and for the very first time, now believe that a real Holodeck is no longer limited to science fiction.”

As previously reported, the key technical challenge for creating a light-field display is that the human eye becomes the lens, necessitating that the display manipulate light so that it enters each viewer’s eyes as though reflected by real objects in front of them. If implemented perfectly, the human eye would see no difference at all between a holographic image and a real object.

Light Field Lab: www.lightfieldlab.com
OTOY: home.otoy.com