In advance of the new studio album from Brooklyn based electronic artist BIG DATA comes this short film — part promo piece and part cautionary science-fiction yarn — that wonders: what if Amazon’s Alexa were a little more … ambitious? GHOST + COW direct with excellent comic timing, the 10-minute running time flies, thanks to propulsive editing by Geordie Anderson, and DP Luke McCoubrey executes looks ranging from TV sitcom to horror pastiche.


Directed by GHOST + COW
Written by BIG DATA and GHOST + COW
Story and Executive Produced by BIG DATA

Produced by Steve Cozzarelli

Claire Burns as Mary
David Levin as Gerry
Juliet Brett as Alison
Alexander Jameson as Brandon
Sondra James Weil – Neighbor
Lizy Ryan as L1ZY

Director of Photography – Luke McCoubrey
Edited by Geordie Anderson
Score and original music by BIG DATA
Sound design and mix by Brian Goodheart
Sonic Union Producer – Halle Petro
Colored by Ashley Ayarza
Nice Shoes Producer – Elizabeth Mitchell
VFX artist – Tim Mearini
Production designer – Jana Bergstedt
Makeup / SFX artist – Emma Berley
Art PA / Driver – Scott Raven
Wardrobe Stylist – Kayci Rothweiler
1st AD – Ruby Walters
Assistant camera – Julian Tran
Sound mixer – Edward Morris
Camera PA – Beth Fletcher
Key Grip – Jesse Moritz
Grips – Landon Yost, Mitch Perrin
Gaffer – Jesse Sanchez-Strauss
Swing – Rylie Patterson
Production assistants – Smij McBee, Angie Blas

Special thanks to alldayeveryday productions, De Boer Media

Extra special thanks to the Gudis Family for their incredible generosity.