Tiffen has added an LED to its inexpensive Lowel Tota lighting line-up with the new Lowel Tota LED portable flood light.

The Tota LED delivers the equivalent output of a 750 W tungsten bulb but draws only 70 W via AC or battery power, Tiffen said, with luminance reaching 4275 lux at a distance of 1m. It’s daylight-balanced (5600 K) with a CRI of 96.3 and a stepless dimmer to control brightness. It can easily be used with an umbrella to disperse softer light, the company said.

Lowel TOTA LED flood light

Lowel TOTA LED flood light
The Tiffen Co.

“This portable new Lowel Tota LED flood light provides users with a high-quality and efficient light source for their varying needs,” said Tiffen SVP of Marketing Andrew Tiffen in a prepared statement. “The cool, high-color accuracy LED is ideal for sensitive archival work in museums and studio projects such as product photography and creating online videos thanks to its low linear profile.”

Tiffen is targeting indie filmmakers and photographers as well as product photography and museum archival work with the new 5.1 lb. light, which sells for $449 including yoke, worldwide power source, AC adapter, 9.5 ft. power cord, diffuser, V-mount strap and carrying case.

Tiffen: www.tiffen.com