The last time we noticed pro freestyle skier Nicolas Vuignier, he had just made an experimental sports video by swinging an iPhone around his head on a tether as he skied. He’s been upping his ski-movie game since then. In his most recent offering, “Heatseeker,” co-directed by DP Jules Guarneri, his crew skis at night, with the scene lit only by emergency flares streaking through the dark sky.


Directed by
Nicolas Vuignier & Jules Guarneri

Director of Photography
Jules Guarneri

Special Effects Technician
Benjamin Copt

Color Grading
Nicolas Vuignier

Title Design
Kilian Amendola

Sound Design by

“Happy Man”
Performed by Jungle

Additional Footage
Julien Roserens
Sampo Vallotton
Anthony Vuignier
Thibaud Fellay