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ProMax Platform Gets Nearline Options, Adds Speed and Scalability

ProMax has introduced a new nearline-storage option as part of the newest updates to its Platform shared-storage server line-up. The Platform Nearline storage server is designed to make disk-based back-up of online media fast and convenient with dense and cost-efficient … more »

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug Production Diary 13

In this penultimate installment of the Desolation of Smaug production diary, watch hobbits playing table tennis, get a glimpse of Smaug, and hear Peter Jackson explain why virtual cinematography reminds him of shooting with a Super 8 camera.


Academy Announces 10 VFX Oscar Contenders

And now there are 10 — the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences today narrowed the competitive field for this year's VFX Oscar to just 10 films, announcing the slate that was decided upon by the Academy's Visual Effects … more »


In Dreams

For his final-year graduation film, Northumbria University student Samuel Blain interviewed four people about their dreams, then sought to visualize their bizarre images in a different kind of talking-heads shot.

PostWorks on Feature Finishing Techniques for Nonfiction TV

High-resolution digital cinema cameras, raw recording and sophisticated color-grading systems are familiar in feature-film and scripted-television production. They're less common in the world of nonfiction television production, with its notoriously tight budgets and rapid turnarounds. But that's starting to change. … more »


Academy Narrows Documentary Features Slate to 15

It's that time of year — the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences says 15 films are now under consideration for the Oscar for the best documentary feature. The shortlist was selected in preliminary voting by members of the … more »


“Please, Mr. Kennedy”

Actors Oscar Isaac, Justin Timberlake, and Adam Driver cut a novelty record in this scene, a highlight of the new Coen Brothers film, Inside Llewyn Davis, set in the New York folk-music scene in 1961. The cinematography is by three-time … more »


Shooting Belize: Challenges Amid Beauty

I spent this past winter producing, directing, and shooting a modest budget, super-mobile television program featuring the beautiful western Caribbean country of Belize. (I know – life is tough!) For those who don’t know, Belize is a small country nestled … more »


Mr. Christmas

Bruce Mertz debuts an enormous array of Christmas lights on Thanksgiving night every year at his home in Concord, CA, complete with a recording of "God Bless America" and some banjo Christmas tunes. "Mr. Christmas" is his story. Nick Palmer … more »


Quick Pick: FxFactory Pro

The shooter-craftsman is the master of his or her domain. Since the impact of TV, cinema, web, and other programming is built primarily on the strength of the visual content, the ability of a shooter to serve up one compelling … more »