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SGO Goes Virtual at NAB

SGO will be carving its own path this NAB, bringing its award-winning finishing system Mistika to the limelight and unveiling a multitude of incredible future-proof developments that have been in the pipeline for the past few years. Mistika will be … more »

ATSC 3.0 logo

ATSC 3.0 Demos Aim to Convince Next-Generation Skeptics at NAB

In addition to being a ground zero for VR, UHD, HDR, and other evolving media forms and formats, NAB 2016 is looking to be a proving ground for the new, IP-based ATSC 3.0 broadcast standard. It will be a crucial opportunity … more »


Jaunt Partners with Shotgun to Build a Better VR Pipeline

The VR gurus at Jaunt have teamed up with the pipeline experts at Shotgun Software, enlisting Shotgun's help to develop a specialized production management platform for VR production. The companies said tools developed for Jaunt by Shotgun's in-house pipeline team include improved workflow … more »

Power of Puppies

Can Puppies Fix Boredom?

Did you know March 23 is National Puppy Day? Yep. To celebrate, Purina Puppy Chow and production company SoulPancake created this video showing surprise puppy bombs being dropped on a preschool, a gym, and a retirement home. (It's a sequel, … more »



On March 20, 2015, a small team of photographers led by Reuben Krabbe set out to capture an image of a skiier silhouetted against the backdrop of a solar eclipse in the Arctic. This 31-minute film about the difficult, uncertain undertaking … more »

Atomos Flame series

Atomos Goes HDR with Flame Series

Atomos announced the Shogun Flame and Ninja Flame, new seven-inch 1920×1200 field monitor/recorders designed for HDR production.  What does that mean? Atomos says the new Flame series monitors display 10 stops of luminance with 10-bit color accuracy, and they record 4K … more »

Stefan Sonnenfeld

Deluxe Names Stefan Sonnenfeld Chief Creative Officer

Stefan Sonnenfeld, the renowned colorist and Company 3 co-founder who originally got into post-production with a summer job delivering dailies for TV's Miami Vice, has been named chief creative officer of Deluxe Entertainment Services Group. Sonnenfed will keep his seat … more »

Lecaudé Circles

Lecaudé: Circles

A vinyl record is repurposed as a zoetrope in this music video for singer-songwriter Lecaudé created by Australian filmmaker Elliot Schultz, featuring undulating in-camera animation effects.

Sony HQ in NYC

Sony Promises No New CineAlta Production Camera at NAB

It's not common that a company makes news by promising not to introduce new products at NAB, but it does seem noteworthy that Sony confirmed this week that there will be no new camera in the company's CineAlta line-up at … more »

Adobe Stops Reporting Subscription Figures for Creative Cloud

Citing new and widely varying price-point options for its Creative Cloud service, including a recently launched program targeting the K-12 educational market, Adobe said today it will no longer provide quarterly updates on Creative Cloud subscriber growth. Executives said that, because … more »