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NAB 2014 Video: Birns & Sawyer

William Meurer on new cameras, lenses, and grip and lighting gear at Birns & Sawyer, including a lightweight air-cushioned camera pack. 


NAB 2014 Video: JVC

JVC's Dave Walton runs through JVC's line-up of Super 35 4K camera prototypes, following on the company's 2012 acquisition of sensor manufacturer AltaSens.


NAB 2014 Video: Nila

Nila's Jordan Hall shows the new Zaila LED, a 200 HMI replacement drawing a little more than 40 watts, and the Varsa LED, a 400 HMI replacement drawing 75 watts.


NAB 2014 Video: Band Pro

Band Pro's Jeff Cree shows us Leica's T2 spherical Summicron lenses, designed as an affordable alternative to the Summilux lenses for Super 35-style electronic cinematography, and talks about production workflow for 4K cameras in the Band Pro booth.


NAB 2014 Video: Wooden Camera

Ryan Shorman shows a sub-$1,000 custom PL-mount mod for the Blackmagic Production Camera 4K, plus additional support to held up those big lenses, a prototype for a sub-$1,000 multi-stage rotation matte box, and more.


NAB 2014 Video: MTI Film

Amy Hawthorne on the new Cortex CarryOn and Cortex Dailies v1.5.


NAB 2014 Video: PAGLink Batteries

Steve Manios shows off the new PAGLink snap-on batteries, which can be stacked on a charger or the back of your camera, so you never run out of power. They're hot-swappable, and they communicate with each other to make charging … more »


MTI Film Puts Cortex Dailes in a CarryOn, Revamps DRS Software

MTI Film came to NAB with a new, super-portable version of its Cortex Dailes tool that fits in an airline overhead bin, as well as a completely reprogrammed, resolution-independent 64-bit version of its DRS film-restoration toolkit, now called DRS Nova. … more »

Tom Schlagkamp to Direct Spots via Saville

Saville signed director Tom Schlagkamp for exclusive commercial directorial representation in North America. Schlagkamp is best known for the short music-themed film "The Rock 'n' Roll Manifesto" for German magazine Visions (it's narrated by Pantera's Phil Anselmo), which won first place … more »

Editor Lucas Eskin Joins Cut+Run

Editor Lucas Eskin, previously of Beast/Filmcore and Mad River Post, has joined Cut+Run, where he will be based in Los Angeles.  Eskin has worked on campaigns for clients including Apple, Nike, Visa, Discovery Channel, and more. "Lucas is a brilliant … more »