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Sound Devices Launches New Video Devices Brand

Acknowledging the increasing prominence of video products in its catalog, Sound Devices has created a new Video Devices brand for gear including, for now, the Pix series of camera- and rack-mounted video recorders. With the new brand comes a new … more »

Pablo Rio and Genetic Engineering 2 Set to Provide 4K 60p Color and Finishing at FIFA World Cup in Brazil

Newbury, UK, 3 June 2014: Quantel has supplied a Genetic Engineering 2 (GE2) system for Sony's 4K installation at the HBS production facility at the forthcoming FIFA World Cup (TM) in Brazil. Sony is delivery partner to FIFA (Fédération Internationale … more »


Top Seven Takeaways from Apple’s WWDC Keynote

What's been cooking in Cupertino? Today was the big keynote address at Apple's World Wide Developer's Conference (WWDC), in which Apple CEO Tim Cook rolled out the company's latest and greatest for an audience of software developers — as well … more »


Review: Digital Anarchy Flicker Free

Whether you’re shooting abroad with a 60 Hz camera in a 50 Hz country, capturing time-lapse with a DSLR, or shooting fast or slow motion, chances are you’ve confronted the flicker menace. Of course, shooters have always faced the risk … more »



Boston artist Jake Fried animates weird, dense portraits by hand using a range of materials including ink, gouache, white-out and coffee. (Absolutely full-screen it for the best effect.)


Pixar Revamps RenderMan, Offers Free Non-Commercial License

Pixar Animation Studios has announced a "generational shift" in RenderMan, which will debut a new framework, the RenderMan Integrator System (RIS), in the latest version scheduled for release at SIGGRAPH. Pixar described RIS as a "modular rendering architecture" that optimizes … more »


How to Do Visual Comedy

Video essayist Tony Zhou showcases the visual style of Edgar Wright, comparing the director's work with more conventional contemporary Hollywood comedies.


Röyksopp & Robyn: Sayit

Do not adjust your broadband connection — glitched video compression is part of the aesthetic in this rhythmic, repetitive music video for "Sayit" by Norwegian electronica duo Röyksopp and Swedish soprano Robyn. It's directed by designers Sandberg & Timonen and … more »


Review: Adorama Flashpoint Production Matte Box System II

The performance of any lens is diminished dramatically by stray light striking the front element at an oblique angle. The off-axis rays may be reflected internally and bounced off multiple elements, which increases flare and lowers contrast and resolution. Screw-in … more »



Here are some animations of talking food synchronized to recordings of people talking about food. It just makes sense, right? (Click through to the making-of page to see how animator Siqi Song made that cheeseburger speak.)