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NAB 2015 Video: Band Pro

Band Pro's Jeff Cree on everything from bags to cranes at NAB 2015. 


NAB 2015 Video: BBS Lighting

Peter Plesner on BBD Lighting's products, including the handheld, battery-operable Area 48 LED and more.


NAB 2015 Video: The Studio – B&H

Michel Suissa at The Studio-B&H runs down his list of the most interesting developments in production and post technology in evidence at NAB.


NAB 2015 Video: Cineo

Cineo's Chuck Edwards discusses the company's work on remote-phosphor technology, which the company is developing for film and studio lighting.


NAB 2015 Video: Dedo

Grab a beverage and sit back as Dedo Weigert takes us on a tour of the full range of lights made by Dedo.


NAB 2015 Video: Digital Sputnik

Kaur Kallas at Digital Sputnik shows the DS3 update to the company's LED light system, which now includes narrower lenses and single-stage color mixing.


NAB 2015 Video: 16×9/EasyRig

James Diaz of 16×9 and inventor Johan Hellsten demo the new EasyRig Vario 5.


NAB 2015 Video: Dolby

Dolby's Roland Vlaicu describes new developments in the Dolby Vision HDR system, including a new Vizio TV with Dolby Vision built in, and news that Warner Bros. will be releasing HDR titles in 4K UHD through Vudu.


NAB 2015 Video: Kino Flo

With an eye on the increased power efficiency of competing LED lights, Kino Flo's Tom Jacob talks up new flourescent ballasts that draw half the power of previous products. Also on display is the new Celeb 400Q LED DMX soft light.


NAB 2015 Video: KinoTehnik

KinoTehnik's Tonis Liivamagi on the new Practilite "smart LED light," which can be controlled from a smartphone.