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From the Shining-esque pattern on othe hotel carpet to the Ligeti composition on the soundtrack, Walter Volbers' "Mite" — animated in Softimage, moment of silence — looks like a Kubrick homage until it suddenly dives below the surface to investigate … more »


Dolby Vision HDR System Gains Traction with SGO Mistika Support

4K was the buzzword at NAB, but even as the industry marched toward ever-higher resolution for acquisition, Dolby Laboratories was making inroads with another approach to the pixel problem — images with higher dynamic range, rather than simply higher resolution. … more »


Review: Panasonic AG-GH4U Mirrorless 4K Camera

It shoots remarkable images at 4K resolution, records 10-bit 4:2:2 in full HD at up to 200 Mbps, captures images from 2-96 fps, offers true professional balanced audio and 3G-SDI output to an external recorder or monitor. Recording internally to … more »


Man Mantis Machine: The Computation of 3D Vision in Praying Mantises

Researchers at Newcastle University put tiny pairs of 3D glasses on praying mantises in an effort to learn more about human vision. More information on the study is available at the school's press office.


Subaru Russia: Dash-Cam Spoof

This Russian Subaru ad made in the style of a dash-cam video might look like a bummer at first, but it turns out to have a happy ending. (If you're a dog.)


Wildlife Documentary Tips from the Heart of Gator and Croc Country

This Sunday, Nat Geo Wild airs Florida Untamed, the latest installment in its Destination Wild series. Produced by Miami's 2C Media, the special consists of two separate parts: "Gator Country," which looks at young alligators in the Florida wetlands, and … more »


The Foundry Releases Modo 801

The Foundry released Modo 801, the latest version of the modeling, painting, animation and rendering package it acquired in its 2012 merge with Luxology.  The newest Modo introduces node-based texturing, improved dynamics for creating realistic destruction animation, improved scattering tools, … more »


Heineken Presents Linclone

It takes just 15 seconds to tell the story in this short inspired by a tweet, directed by Eric Appel, and edited within an inch of its life by Alaster Jordan at Whitehouse Post. They clone Abe Lincoln's DNA and … more »


So You Think 4K and 8K Look Good? Behold This 18K Camera Platform

4K was all the rage at NAB, but that's hardly the ceiling for resolution, even in the near future. Even at NAB, you could see 8K acquisition in the Astrodesign and NHK booths, and you may have been wondering, then, … more »


Under the Skin’s Scarlett Johansson Hits the Streets with the One-cam

Under the Skin, a science-fiction arthouse film that just crossed the $1 million mark at the U.S. box-office, is being sold as a spooky erotic thriller featuring Scarlett Johansson as a sexy alien invader on the loose in Scotland. That's … more »