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NAB 2015 Video: Dolby

Dolby's Roland Vlaicu describes new developments in the Dolby Vision HDR system, including a new Vizio TV with Dolby Vision built in, and news that Warner Bros. will be releasing HDR titles in 4K UHD through Vudu.


NAB 2015 Video: Kino Flo

With an eye on the increased power efficiency of competing LED lights, Kino Flo's Tom Jacob talks up new flourescent ballasts that draw half the power of previous products. Also on display is the new Celeb 400Q LED DMX soft light.


NAB 2015 Video: KinoTehnik

KinoTehnik's Tonis Liivamagi on the new Practilite "smart LED light," which can be controlled from a smartphone.


NAB 2015 Video: 16×9/Lentequip

Emery Soos explains the new SafeTap connector, Lentequip's rethought version of the traditional D-Tap with an extra eye on safety, available through 16×9.


NAB 2015 Video: Libec

Libec's Jose Larios demonostrates three new sliders in the company's ALX series.


NAB 2015 Video: Matthews Studio Equipment

Tyler Phillips tells us about a wealth of NAB product introductions, including a range of car mounts and stands, including the newest Crank-O-Vator wheeled steel stands. 


NAB 2015 Video: Manios Digital

"Classic rock, classic lenses": Steven Manios shows the forthcoming 1.2 expander, which allows vintage 35mm Cooke and Angenieux zooms to cover the full 6K sensor on the Red Epic Dragon with half a stop of light loss.


NAB 2015 Video: MTI Film

MTI Film's Amy Hawthorne talks about improvements to the company's DRS Nova film-restoration software and Cortex digital-dailies software.


NAB 2015 Video: Quantum

Quantum's Alex Grossman talks about the latest developments in end-to-end ingest-to-archive workflows using the company's StorNext collaborative-storage platform.


NAB 2015 Video: Redrock Micro

Redrock Micro's Brian Valente showcases the Halo dynamic focus-control system, which uses the collision-avoidance technology from self-driving cars to create a visual map of a scene, allowing the system to manage focus among different performers or elements in a shot. … more »