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Early CG

44-Year-Old 3D Computer Graphics

Robby Ingebretsen posted this digital copy of an 8mm print of what he believes may be the first-ever film rendered in 3D CG, created in 1972 by Pixar co-founder Ed Catmull and computer scientist Fred Parke. The 3D titles were created by Robby's … more »

Artella logo

Industry Vets Launch Artella Collaborative Animation Platform

The market for cloud-based collaborative animation platforms got a little more crowded this week with the launch of Artella, a new online production pipeline devised by the trio of animators (veterans of Pixar, Paramount and ILM) who founded Animation Mentor in 2005. … more »


3D Will Be Back … But Not As We Know It

Intrigued by the light-field camera technology introduced at this year's NAB? Put on your thinking cap and learn about other ways to capture volumetric images in this presentation by GoPro's Tim Macmillan from the 27th annual Stereoscopic Displays and Applications conference held … more »

Mari Non-commercial

The Foundry Releases Free Version of Mari Texture-Painting Software

The Foundry's texture-painting software Mari is the latest VFX tool to be released in a free, unwatermarked version for non-commercial use. The company said artists can use Mari Non-commercial as a learning tool, as well as for working on personal projects … more »

Run the Jewels Love Again

Run the Jewels: “Love Again”

It takes some work to make a video that's even more singlemindedly filthy (NSFW!) than the sex-obsessed lyrics to the latest Run the Jewels single, but director Ninian Doff brings his "A" game to making insect behavior look seriously "XXX." … more »

Horace and Pete's

Spotify, OTT, The Rugby Channel and the Problem (?) of Peak TV

It's official: the newest outlet for TV series is Spotify, which today launched a slate of original programs that include both documentary-style shows about music and a Tim-Robbins produced mockumentary series set in the world of aspiring EDM superstars. It's further evidence … more »


Radiohead: Daydreaming

If you like Paul Thomas Anderson films and tracking shots, today is your lucky day. The new(est) Radiohead music video was directed by P.T. Anderson and edited by Andy Jurgensen. The Steadicam operator (respect!) is Ari Robbins.

ARRI Trinity stabilizer

ARRI Debuts Final Version of Trinity Stabilizer and Maxima Gimbal

ARRI has gotten into the stabilization game with its purchase of the Artemis line of camera stabilizers from Sachtler and The Vitec Group. That means ARRI has taken over sales of the Artemis Trinity stabilizer and Maxima gimbal, and will continue … more »


Stunning Aurora Borealis from Space in Ultra-High Definition

NASA Television released this 4K time-lapse footage from the International Space Station depicting the Aurora Borealis and Aurora Australis. NASA and Harmonic have also released documentation [PDF] on what's required to pick up the NASA TV UHD satellite signal.

MLB Network MAM

Now That’s a Changeup: MLB Network’s Offsite Infrastructure

One of the most daunting challenges in the media industry is media management for a major sports organization. Think about the amount of content flowing in on a daily basis during the season, when as many as 15 Major League … more »