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How Framestore’s Imagery Boosted Ocean-Ecology Doc Mission Blue

Framestore in New York designed imaginative but sober graphics to communicate the environmental effects of industry on the world's oceans for the Netflix-exclusive film Mission Blue. Cinema 4D maker Maxon and writer Meleah Maynard offered StudioDaily a behind-the-scenes look at the … more »


Dubai Flow Motion

Time-lapse whiz Rob Whitworth ups his game with this vertiginous, hyperactive, and altogether dazzling tour of the city of Dubai and surroundings.


ARRI Enables 3.2K ProRes Recording with Latest Alexa Update

The ARRI Alexa's 3.2K ProRes upgrade has gone live with the release of Software Update Packet (SUP) 11.0, which adds the previously announced recording format aimed at UltraHD productions as well as a new, higher-quality debayering algorithm. For more details on SUP 11.0 … more »


Taylor Swift “Style”

It's all light and shadow, reflections and projections — and a hint of True Detective's opening titles — in the third music video from Taylor Swift's runaway hit album 1989. It's directed by Kyle Newman (Fanboys) with cinematography by Alex Disenhof. 


Rising Sun VFX Supe Tim Crosbie on X-Men: Days of Future Past

In X-Men: Days of Future Past, the X-Men send Wolverine, our favorite superhero mutant, time-traveling from an awful future to a recent past to change human history—and that future. With an all-star cast, a built-in fan base, and a director, … more »


What to See This Weekend: 2/13/15

Fifty Shades of Grey What's it about? A literature student (Dakota Johnson) and a wealthy businessman (Jamie Dornan) have an unusual sexual relationship. Who the devil made it? Director Sam Taylor-Johnson (right) was an accomplished visual artist before she became a … more »


10328×7760: A 10K Timelapse Demo

6K from the Red Dragon or ARRI Alexa 65 not enough for you? Here's some 10K time-lapse footage of Rio De Janeiro shot by Joe Capra using the PhaseOne IQ180 camera. "You can get eight to 10 solid 1920×1080 shots … more »


VFX Supe Dan DeLeeuw on Captain America: The Winter Soldier

In Captain America: The Winter Soldier the super WWII soldier Steve Rogers finds himself in a modern-day political thriller, a suspenseful visual-effects laden action-adventure that won praise from critics and Avengers fans alike. Rogers, aka Captain America, now works for … more »


Death Cab for Cutie: Black Sun

Death Cab for Cutie goes behind the scenes of an action film to find out what really lives inside the stuntman's heart in this slow-motion video for "Black Sun." Recent DNA signee Robert Hales was the director, Todd Banhazl the cinematographer and David … more »


Oscar-Nominated VFX Supervisor Paul J. Franklin on Interstellar

On Sunday, Interstellar won the BAFTA award for best visual effects, an award presented — fittingly as it turned out — by Dr. Stephen Hawking.  Hawking’s longtime friend Dr. Kip Thorne, a renowned astrophysicist famous for his work on black … more »