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The Foundry Mari 3

The Foundry Sets Mari 3 for Q3

The Foundry said the new version of its Mari 3D painting software, including an interface for working directly with the node graph and new integration with the rendering system inside Modo, will be released in the third quarter. The traditional layer-based interface will … more »


Marilyn Myller

This intricately and elaborately realized stop-motion short from London's Parabella (Mikey Please and Dan Ojari), working with Blink Industries and Hornet Films, is made from "one zillion hand-carved tiny things, literally tens of carved foam puppets, two eye fulls of in-camera, long-exposure light trickery … more »


Trailer: The Hateful Eight

What do you think? Wil Quentin Tarantino's Christmas Western earn its gorgeous Ultra Panavision 70mm cinematography (by three-time Oscar-winner Robert Richardson, ASC)?

Chaos Group Releases V-Ray for Nuke

After a year-long public beta, V-Ray for Nuke is finally ready for the masses. Chaos Group released the latest plug-in built on V-Ray's adaptive rendering core for The Foundry's widely used 3D compositing system. Getting V-Ray ready for Nuke integration … more »


Cutting-Edge VR Projects Get Spotlight at SIGGRAPH

"It's really hard to look cool wearing a HMD," Mark Mine said at SIGGRAPH this week. Addressing an overflow crowd at "Virtual Reality: Creating at the Edge," a Tuesday-afternoon talk, he was summarizing some of the issues facing VR today, and that … more »

Ftrack 3.2 to Arrive Next Week

Ftrack said a new version of its project-management software will be released next week. Ftrack 3.2 will include Workflows, a new feature that allows users to customize layouts to better fit workflows for different markets, such as motion graphics, video games, … more »


Top 10 Most Beautiful Animated Movies of All Time

Considering a variety of genres and time periods, CineFix nominates 10 animated films as the loveliest ever made.

Thinkbox Deadline Users Will Soon Be Able to Pay for Licenses by the Hour

At SIGGRAPH, Thinkbox said that users of Deadline v8.0, which is now essentially in alpha tests, will be able to license the render management software on a timed-usage basis. Specifically, users will be able to pay for licenses by the hour. … more »

Faceware Announces Unreal Engine Facial Motion Capture Integration

Faceware Technologies said its new Faceware Live plug-in would allow developers to instantly apply facial motion-capture data to characters in the Unreal Engine from Epic Games. ​ A performer's facial movements can be captured using a webcam, a dedicated facial-capture camera … more »


Shotgun 6.3 Set for October Release

Shotgun Software co-founder Don Parker introduced a slate of new features in Shotgun at SIGGRAPH, including improvements to the software's review and approval features as well as updated integration. The new integration features will be showing up later in August, … more »