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Taylor Swift: Bad Blood

Singer/producer Taylor Swift, director Joseph Kahn and DP Christopher Probst shot Swift's explosive, cameo-laden "Bad Blood" music video with the new Red Weapon camera system and ARRI/Zeiss Master Anamorphic lenses. Read the thread for behind-the-scenes info from Probst.

PipelineFX Releases Qube! 6.7

Los Angeles, CA (May 12, 2015) – Today PipelineFX, creator of the leading render farm management software for visual effects, announced the release of Qube! 6.7, delivering more speed, stability and variable control options for professional VFX and design studios.  “Needing extra rendering … more »

Band Pro Presents Free 70mm Screening of Baraka at Cine Gear LA 2015

BURBANK, CA – Band Pro Film & Digital, Inc. will present a free 70mm screening of Baraka on Friday June 5th at 1:00 p.m. in the Sherry Lansing Theater at Cine Gear LA 2015.  A Q&A with Producer Mark Magidson … more »


Kariba Teaser

A team of South African artists have stirred up interest with this enigmatic teaser for a planned hand-animated feature film based on a Tonga legend related to the construction of the Kariba hydroelectric dam spanning the Zambezi river basin between … more »


Lightmap Ships HDR Light Studio 5

Lightmap released HDR Light Studio 5, an overhaul of its 3D lighting software with a new full-screen user interface and support for Alembic and FBX files, OpenImageIO, and OpenColorIO. Lightmap said the software has been redesigned and re-engineered to deal with … more »


Nimble Collective’s Rex Grignon on Bringing Animators Together

With an eye toward revolutionizing the global animation content market, Nimble Collective has stepped out of the shadows and onto center stage. Supported by $1 million in seed funding, the Collective aims to become the world’s largest online animated community, … more »


Walt Disney Recycled Animation Scenes

Dance choreography is demanding enough in the real world — it's no wonder Disney animators, slaving away over every on-screen step and gesture by hand, restaged some of their older moves in newer movies.

Nice Shoes and Optimus Remote Color Grading Partnership Extends to West Coast

Nice Shoes and Optimus, two industry leading post production shops, have enjoyed a long friendship spanning the past two decades. In 2014, they formalized that friendship, forging a partnership that brought colorist Ron Sudul from New York to Chicago to … more »


Cutters Tokyo Grows with Colorists Ben Conkey and Pete Ritchie, Editor Nathan Pickles

TOKYO – (May 13, 2015) - Cutters Tokyo has welcomed three stellar artists to its roster: colorists Ben Conkey and Pete Ritchie, and editor Nathan Pickles. All bring years of cross-disciplinary experience and sterling global expertise to bear on Cutters' … more »


Sennheiser Readies AVX Wireless Mic System

Sennheiser has a new approach to capturing audio in camera—its AVX wireless mic system features a compact receiver that plugs directly into a camera's XLR input.  For use with DSLRs and other cameras that don't have XLR ins, the system comes … more »