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CinemAbility Director Jenni Gold on Hollywood and Disabilities

CinemAbility is a new documentary looking at how films and television shows have portrayed disabilities through history. Combining interviews with actors (including Geena Davis, Gary Sinise, Marlee Matlin, and William H. Macy) with supporting film clips (from titles such as … more »


Five Questions: André Pulcino, CEO of Brazil’s Clan VFX

Clan VFX has been providing post-production services, visual effects and 3D animations to international clients like Coca-Cola, Samsung and Adidas for many years, but with the FIFA World Cup coming to Brazil in 2014 and the Summer Olympic Games headed … more »


Colorist Scott Klein on Keeping the Unreal Honest in True Blood

Scott Klein, a senior colorist at Technicolor Hollywood, has helped create the looks of some of television's most iconic shows, including Miami Vice, Dark Angel, The Sopranos, Deadwood and Entourage. Since the pilot in 2007, he has also graded every … more »


Five Questions: Animator Eoin Duffy on “The Missing Scarf”

Eoin Duffy, an Irish animator working in Vancouver, wrote and directed "The Missing Scarf," a short film created in conjunction with The Irish Film Board, Raidió Teilifís Éireann, and The Arts Council. The film, featuring a little squirrel who seems … more »


How Elysium’s 4K DI Integrated Editorial and VFX

Director Neill Blomkamp made his mark on the movies with 2009's District 9, a VFX-heavy science-fiction allegory anchored by its distinctive South African setting and naturalistic visual approach. Hailed by critics and audiences as a thoughtful and original take on … more »

Fruitvale 630

DP Rachel Morrison on Fruitvale Station and the Intimacy of Film

When watching Ryan Coogler's debut film Fruitvale Station, which opened on Friday, one can't help but draw parallels between what happened on an Oakland, California, subway platform in 2008 and what happened to another young African-American man in Florida in … more »

Getting the Greenlight with Pitchvis

Why wait until your movie is made to create a trailer for it? Why hold out for the completion of a script before you create an action sequence? As tools for creating rough animation improve, filmmakers and studio executives alike … more »


Working with Florida’s “Outlaw” Bikers to Make Warlocks Rising

Airing Fridays at 10 p.m. on Discovery Channel, Warlocks Rising is a four-part reality show that takes a look at the stories behind a Florida chapter of The Warlocks, one of the "1%er" motorcycle clubs in the U.S. that are … more »


Director Joshua Oppenheimer on the Unique The Act of Killing

Joshua Oppenheimer’s The Act of Killing is like no other film ever made. Executive produced by Errol Morris and Werner Herzog, it explores the millions of murders of “communists” — basically an umbrella term for anyone the government didn’t like … more »


Colorworks Executes an Apocalyptic 4K DI for This Is the End

Hollywood has produced any number of films with apocalyptic themes, but none quite like This Is the End. For one thing, the film from directors Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen and slated for release this month by Sony Pictures Entertainment, … more »