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Truth in Journalism

Venom Strikes Again in “Truth in Journalism”

For many Spider-Man fans, the most intriguing character in Spider-Man 3 was Venom, the extra-terrestrial monster into which photographer Eddie Brock is transformed. Attendees at this year’s Comic-Con got another taste of Venom: this time, in the form of a … more »


Pixar Vets Enter Uncharted Territory with Motorola’s “Windy Day”

Owners of Motorola's Moto X Android-powered smartphones had a surprise last week, when a little red hat appeared on their home screen. That hat functioned as the start button for something completely new — an animated story where the virtual … more »

Five Questions for Elastic Founder and Director Andy Hall

Coming soon to a bar and liquor store near you is Proximo Spirits' latest expansion to its Jose Cuervo line of tequilas, a cinnamon-infused silver tequila called Cinge. The company tapped McCann Erickson New York to create a social media-driven … more »


Light Iron’s Efficient Color Management for Ender’s Game

For science-fiction fans of a certain age, the award-winning Ender's Game is a primary text. Originally published in 1985, the book about Ender Wiggin, a young tactician in Earth's war against alien invaders, became a national best-seller and spawned four … more »


Troika’s Breakaway Rebrand for a Staple of Canadian Sports TV

Canadians love watching and playing hockey, but they may love talking about it even more. TSN, Canada's leading English language sports television channel and home to the popular That's Hockey sports highlight show, recently tapped L.A.-based Troika to help them rebrand the … more »


12 Years a Slave Leads Gotham Indie Awards Slate

New York's Independent Filmmaker Project gets into the awards business early every year, as one of the first organizations to name a slate of the year's best films. The difference between this and other best-of lists is that the Gotham … more »


Kevin Tent on Cutting Nebraska

In his latest film, director Alexander Payne has returned to About Schmidt country and the wide open spaces of his native Nebraska, this time in black-and-white. Nebraska, which opens on November 22, traces one man's quest—on foot, with his thirty-something son … more »


Gravity VFX: Motion, Space and Weightlessness

With all systems go, Warner Bros’ space odyssey Gravity rocketed to an opening weekend record for the month of October, pulling in $55.6 million domestically and $27.4 million globally. The tense thriller opens with a 13-minute sequence that reveals astronauts … more »


Director Kyle Patrick Alvarez on Adapting David Sedaris’s C.O.G.

Writer/director Kyle Patrick Alvarez is the first to admit that "C.O.G.," a humorous essay from the New York Times best-selling book Naked, is not the funniest thing David Sedaris has ever written. But it is one of the more developed character … more »


Mokko Studio VFX Producer Marc A. Rousseau on Riddick

Montreal VFX and animation house Mokko Studio has been doing feature-film work for the last 10 years, but just started doing creature work a few years ago, making dinosaurs for a Discovery TV project. The company's experience served it well … more »