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What’s My Flow?

Eric Hanson CEO of Spy Post WHAT WE DID Transfer HD to data for use during the creative editorial process on an indie feature, Valley of the Heart's Delight, without going to tape How We Did It "The more »

JVC GY-HD100U Camcorder

If you're going to use video but want a film look, the GY-HD100U may very well be the most affordable and best-suited piece of equipment for that task available today. more »

Editing HDV for TV

Art Donahue, a veteran field producer and photographer at WCVB-TV, the ABC affiliate in Boston, is well known throughout the New England production community for his 18 years of documentary-style TV reporting more »

Scrubbing Up Audio on The Aristocrats

The rawness of vaudeville-joke doc The Aristocrats extended to the production audio, making the project a candidate for major sound surgery. more »

Animate Props with NaturalMotion’s endorphin 2.5 and Autodesk Maya 7

NaturalMotion's endorphin is already highly touted for its ability to create dynamic human body motion. We used endorphin in a recent production and it proved to be a powerful tool for creating complex prop animation. more »

Export Flash Video from After Effects 7.0

In this tutorial, I'm using Adobe After Effects 7.0 to animate a vector logo, add an alpha channel and export the animation in Flash Video format. more »

The Real Challenge of Web Video

I have here on my desk the remains of a V-Lite VHS videocassette. It was sent to my wife a few years ago, a promotional piece encouraging people to raise money for and run in a charity marathon. more »

Speed Up Your Color Matching with Avid DS Nitris 7.6

For this project, we used Avid's DS Nitris finishing system. But, you'll actually be able to perform the same corrections using Xpress Pro, Adrenaline or Symphony, as all share similar color-matching tools. more »

Shooting Temps in HDV

Looking at the rich, detailed, color-saturated images displayed on D.P. James Weber's video monitor on the set of Temps, it's hard to believe they come from the unassuming camera he's using, which looks just like a DVCAM. more »

What I’m Using Now: Apple Shake

AJ Koch Video Editor Base2 Studios Denver, CO Favorite Gear : Apple Shake List : $2,399 to $4,422 Why I love It: The thing I love most about Shake is that there are hundreds of ways to get your desired effect more »