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Giving the Pentagon a
Face-Lift on E-Ring

Due to strict security measures, NBC's Pentagon drama E-Ring was denied access to shoot on location. However, the Bruckheimer production was permitted a walkthrough a week before shooting began... more »

Inside HBO’s Rome: Digital Blood, Bodies and Buildings

When heads rolled in ancient Rome, it was a spectacle. Blood flowed in the Forum. Authentically but invisibly recreating the violence in the Empire for the BBC and HBO's $100 million miniseries required a more »

That 70s Horror Show

Turns out the metal group White Zombie was just Rob Zombie's first big idea. His gigs have included art director, P.A., music video director, animator and horror-comic impresario. more »

Digital Troubadour: Robert Rodriguez

Who doesn't know who Robert Rodriguez is? Not just as a one-man studio ' he directs, he shoots, he edits, and he even composes music for his films more »

AES Gets Ready for HDTV

With the 119th AES Convention arriving at the Jacob Javits Convention Center in New York City next month, convention broadcast chair David Bialik reports that this year's show will offer the most more »

Sony HVR-A1U

Sony's Second Offering In Its PRO HDV Lineup Is The HVR-A1U. This camcorder is squarely aimed at the budget HDV'er, and for the price is a surprising offering. I recently had the opportunity to work with more »

Autodesk Combustion 4

The more I work with Combustion 4, the harder it is to review. It just does so many things, so well, and I have such little space. In simple terms, Combustion 4 is Autodesk's way of bringing you top drawer more »

Get Organized in Apple Final Cut Pro

There are two sets of folders you need to create to get organized within Final Cut Pro: projects and media. more »

Add Depth to HD Shoots with Canon HD Lenses

Never make the mistake of thinking that a lens is a mere accessory to the camera-especially in HD imaging. more »

Alias Maya 7

Alias's new Maya 7 software is a speed demon that also plays better with other desktop software apps than ever before. With faster character building and optimized workflows for rendering, renders more »