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Create edgy looping backgrounds fast in Adobe After Effects

More and more people are using looping backgrounds in projects. The great thing about this is that when a client changes his or her mind and decides the intro needs to be 12 seconds longer, you don't need to do anything except repeat your looping background a few more times. more »

Bringing DI Down to Earth

If you could find them, the few DI doubters wandering about Las Vegas were nervous at the prospect of new workflows. more »

K-Tek Avalon Traveler Boom Pole

Need a boom pole that travels well? The new Avalon Traveler from K-Tek is 79 inches long at full extension, but collapses to 20 inches, small enough more »

Accom APR/ClipStoreMX DDR

Accom's new digital disk recorder captures 10-bit YUV 4:2:2 video in HD (1920x1080 or 1280x720) and SD (525- or 625-line) resolutions. It also encodes Windows Media 9 Series video for digital dailies, DVD more »

Hamlet Flexiscope

Hamlet's Flexiscope is a handheld signal waveform monitor and vectorscope featuring a 3.5-inch TFT display. The unit's more »

Other Ways to Go: Editing DVCPRO Resolution on a Mac

How do you squeeze 1080p video through a FireWire pipe? Editor Dave Winter and his Venice, CA, creative editorial and design house WinterWorks figured it out when they finished over an hour of basketball more »

Robert Rodriguez’s Posse

Troublemaker Studios is as far from a typical Hollywood VFX house as it is from Hollywood itself. more »

Hyphenating, and Why You Just Might Do it Soon

My local movie theater is the best location for reading. Credits, that is. Other dedicated credit-readers know the mysteries that can be unearthed simply by reading between the lines as they roll up the more »


Coldplay Sees the Light

An inventive stylist who rarely repeats himself, Mark Romanek has found ways to amplify pop music on film in quirky, personal ways. He's done it for Beck, David Bowie, Jay-Z and Johnny Cash. Recently the more »

16 Gets More HD-Friendly

Doing its part to bolster the position of film for episodic and documentary production, Kodak has commercialized another piece of R&D technology- and it has launched a low-contrast Super 16 stock more »