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Educating the Industry: HD Seminars at a Glance

Sometimes when you help your clients understand a new technology and new way of working, it helps your business as well. more »

Issues & Agendas: Gateways Open for HDV into Mainstream Post Facilities

Inexpensive cameras combined with low-cost computer-based edit systems have opened the door to a technical level of imagemaking more »

Hitachi StarBoard BT-1

Hitachi Software's latest StarBoard BT-1 System for classroom and corporate presentations combines a wireless BT-1 Bluetooth Freedom Tablet with StarBoard Software suite of presentation and collaboration software. more »

Furman AC-215

Ever wonder why you always have to spend so much time cleaning up signal noise in your video projects? more »

AJA Vido Kona 2

JA Video has upgraded its Kona 2 capture card with new software, version 1.1. more »

NEC WT610 projector

t may look odd, but NEC's WT610 enhanced mirrored reflection projector can turn any office into a theater. more »


JVC is combining MiniDV, DVD and Hard Disk Drive recording in its new 3-in-1 video recorder/player, the SR-DVM70US compact deck. more »

Animate 2D Camera Moves in After Effects

Import files to your project Import your image or image collage into After Effects. We will use this file as a landscape and create an aerial camera that will fly over it. Drag the file into your more »

Intel Inside…a Mac?!

Apple opened its Worldwide Developer Conference on June 6 with news that it planned to begin shipping Macs in 2006 with Intel microprocessors at their cores. Citing Intel's stronger "processor more »

JVC SR-DVM70US Digital Video Recorder

Ever wish you had just one piece of equipment that could record to a hard disk, MiniDV, and DVD? Maybe not, but think of the space you'll save now that JVC has taken the step of squeezing all three more »