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Ron Garcia With An Eye On Numb3rs

It shouldn't come as a surprise that Ron Garcia, ASC is exploring new options for creating nuanced images that are artfully weaved into the stories told each week on the CBS television series Numb3rs more »

D-Eye: A Critical Look at Digital Painting: Syriana

Given a multipart structure that resembles Traffic - and the fact that Traffic screenwriter Stephen Gaghan is the director and Steven Soderbergh an executive producer - you might expect Syriana to take some visual cues from the Soderbergh film, which was a sort of touchstone in dramatic DI work. more »

D2 Software Ships Nuke v4.5

D2 Software, Inc. a subsidiary of Digital Domain, Inc., is now shipping v4.5 of Nuke, the high-end compositing system built by artists, for artists. Already offering the industry’s most robust 3D workspace with .obj support and 3D camera projection, Nuke … more »

Color Decisions: Solving the Calibration Process

Calibration-or lack thereof-is the Achilles heel of the DI process. It's quite a trick since video and film color spaces are derived differently, but every DI facility has to pull a 3D LUT out of a hat. You can do all the color correction you want, but if what you see on the monitor isn't what you get in the final film print, it's all been for naught. more »

D-Eye: A Critical Look at Digital Painting: Rent

Demonstrating that sometimes the DI is all about what you don't notice, the movie-musical version of Broadway hit Rent benefits from an overall crispness. There's no doubt that lots of color-correction took place, with windows of enhancement nudging your eyes this way or that, toward one singing-and-dancing character or another, but the overall effect, supervised by Steve Scott at E-Film in Los Angeles, is subtle. more »

NaturalMotion Endorphin Learning Edition for V. 2.5

NaturalMotion announced the immediate availability of the company's free endorphin 2.5 Learning Edition (eLE) more »

Quantel New AAF Offline-to-Online Tools

Quantel announced new AAF offline-to-online interchange tools allowing Avid Xpress Pro and Media Composer Adrenaline to play nicer with Quantel's eQ and iQ systems. more »

Edirol’s New V-440HD Switcher

Edirol's new V-440HD switcher ($12,995), due to ship by year's end, can handle eight video inputs and is user-selectable between 1080i, 720p and XGA/SXGA formats. more »

NAB Post Plus: Worth It?

When NAB announced it would be adding a new show to its event roster, it shouldn't have surprised many industry folks. more »

Straight-to-Cell: Video Gets Really Small

You can bet a lot of studio executives are barking into their cell phones these days about what the rest of us will soon be able to see on ours. more »