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Bargain Tool Bonanza!

We spend a lot of money on our tools. So my bank account and I are always eager to find inexpensive items that let me solve real production problems, sharpen my craft or make nice year-end gifts. more »

Support Group

If you shoot - especially for documentary production - you know just how unnatural it is to support your video camera for hours on end. more »

Bigger and Badder

VFX supervisor Joe Letteri has won two Oscars, a Technical Achievement Award, and an Oscar nomination in the past three years at Weta Digital. Now, he's doing something really big: Peter Jackson's King Kong. more »

Avid Unity ISIS

How big are your shared-storage needs, really? Find out by contemplating a purchase of the new Avid Unity ISIS server, a bulletproof, scalable solution for shared storage at high capacities. more »

Giant Steps

Navigating the lessons of their separate wins - and losses - in the DVD authoring market, Giant Interactive's David Anthony and Jeff Stabeneau now developing for the Sony PlayStation Portable, head straight back to the top. more »

Dealing with Holiday Deadlines

Have a production disaster or wild tale to tell that more »

ILM’s Game Theory

Industrial Light & Magic's move to a new, four-building complex on 23 acres of parkland near the Golden Gate Bridge gives it more than a nice view. more »

Fury on Film…and Video

While most were taking cover from one of the worst storms in U.S. history, veteran storm videographer Martin Lisius faced it head on. He was out capturing dramatic footage of Hurricane Katrina as it ripped more »

Storage at the Center

Traditionally, post-production facilities bring projects online only for short periods because of the amount of space that uncompressed media occupies on a disk. Each additional step in the post process then requires a layback. more »

Stop-Motion Looks with XSI or other CGI packages

This tutorial outlines the guiding principles and techniques that can give your 3D animation a traditional stop-motion look. Although this particular project was done in Softimage|XSI version 4.2, each step is generalized to apply to most 3D applications. more »