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Design an Animated ID

Understand the client's language (and I mean their language of design) As stations and networks expand their offerings, designers are faced with bringing more complicated concepts to bear on a single more »

E-on Vue 5 xStream

E-on software is releasing Vue 5 xStream (formerly known as xFusion), a suite of plug-ins that lets users integrate Vue environments into Autodesk 3ds Max and Maya projects. With Vue 5 xStream, Vue 5 Infinite more »

CES Bellwethers: 1080p Display and High-Def DVD

When January arrives each year, gadget fans feel a familiar twinge that can be only one thing-it's time for another Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. But the show is also an early indicator of more »

Other Ways to Go: Reality Bites

What's the best way to manage the massive amounts of footage that come hand-in-hand with reality-TV production? more »

HD Dreams – HDV Often Looks Great, But Not Always

I'm in a dealer's showroom, stuffed with equipment used by Hollywood DPs-ARRI cameras, DigiPrime lenses, etc. The owner shows me a prototype HD camera so new it's still in an unopened box. more »

Adobe Production Bundle

After delaying the scheduled release of upgrades to its most popular pro software by an additional five months, Adobe has just released a powerful new Production Bundle that includes new versions of Premiere more »

Studios To Go

When you have to take the show on the road, a portable production system can pack a lot more value than mere flexibility more »

Dell Precision 380 Workstation

What's the ideal workstation? If you run heavy duty, video editing programs (especially if you edit HD video or use processor-intensive plug-ins) or if you render complex 3D animations, you'll need all the more »

Sound Editing Goes Online

There's nothing unusual about the audio workflow between sound guys Eric Lalicata and Ken Skoglund-except that they're working on two different continents. more »

Reconstructing Orson Welles

How do you release a DVD director's cut if you don't know how the director himself would have finished the film? more »