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Matrox MXO2 Mini and LE

Matrox Adds Support for Edius 7.21

Matrox said its MXO2 LE and MXO2 Mini i/o devices for ingest, monitoring, and delivery of SD and HD video are now compatible with the Edius 7.21 NLE from Grass Valley. "Opening our editing software up to support more hardware … more »


ProMax Platform Gets Nearline Options, Adds Speed and Scalability

ProMax has introduced a new nearline-storage option as part of the newest updates to its Platform shared-storage server line-up. The Platform Nearline storage server is designed to make disk-based back-up of online media fast and convenient with dense and cost-efficient … more »

PostWorks on Feature Finishing Techniques for Nonfiction TV

High-resolution digital cinema cameras, raw recording and sophisticated color-grading systems are familiar in feature-film and scripted-television production. They're less common in the world of nonfiction television production, with its notoriously tight budgets and rapid turnarounds. But that's starting to change. … more »


Shooting Belize: Challenges Amid Beauty

I spent this past winter producing, directing, and shooting a modest budget, super-mobile television program featuring the beautiful western Caribbean country of Belize. (I know – life is tough!) For those who don’t know, Belize is a small country nestled … more »


Quick Pick: FxFactory Pro

The shooter-craftsman is the master of his or her domain. Since the impact of TV, cinema, web, and other programming is built primarily on the strength of the visual content, the ability of a shooter to serve up one compelling … more »


Review: Tascam DR-40 Audio Recorder

Recently, I was called in to record radio commercials for a number of different stations. The agency handed me a first-generation digital recorder that was about a decade old. It was archaic. It had 1/8-inch inputs, one VU meter for … more »


Editor Alan Edward Bell on The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown. Catching Fire, the latest installment in The Hunger Games franchise—itself a worthy successor to once-immovable blockbuster young adult book-to-movie adaptations like Harry Potter and The Twilight Saga—will take on similarly Shakespearean themes … more »

Dallas Buyers Club

The Big Question: Why Post in 4K?

When does 4K make sense in post? Not as often as you might think, according to some speakers at last week's Production + Post Conference, held in conjunction with Content and Communications World at Javits Center in New York City. … more »


Review: Miller Skyline 70 Tripod (System 2060)

First Look I was looking forward to trying out one of my Red Epic camera setups on the new Miller Skyline 70 head, supported by a Miller Heavy-Duty 2-Stage Carbon Fiber tripod. Though I’ve done extensive mobile production with the … more »

Primo V lens set

Panavision Announces New Primo V Lenses for Digital Cameras

Panavision's latest line of Primo lenses, the Primo V series, are engineered to get some of the harshness out of digital images. The full set of Primo V lenses will include 14.5mm, 17.5mm, 21mm, 27mm, 35mm, 40mm, 50mm, 75mm, and … more »