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The Vitec Group Buys Wireless Video Specialist Paralinx

The Vitec Group added Paralinx, maker of the Arrow HDMI video transmitter, to its portfolio of brands. Paralinx will be part of Vitex Videocom's Creative Colutions unit. Launched in 2012, the Arrow allows uncompressed 1080p video to be transmitted from … more »


Shotgun Will Make RV a Free Added Feature Beginning in April

The popular VFX playback and review software RV will be provided with the next version of Shotgun's production-management platform at no additional charge for users, Shotgun Software said today. In addition, Shotgun will be available beginning today at a new, … more »


Boxx Technologies Introduces 36-Core, Five-GPU Apexx 5 Workstation

Boxx Technologies has introduced the Apexx 5 pro workstation, supporting the use of up to five different GPUs — a dedicated viewport GPU (for example, the Nvidia Quadro K2200) plus as many as four more powerful GPUs (Nvidia Quadro K6000, … more »

How LTO/LTFS Workflow Can Be Accelerated to Nearline Speeds

Despite many advances in spinning-disk technology, when it comes to archives, tape still makes a lot of sense from the standpoints of both cost and manageability. With the advent of LTFS technology, which makes file systems on tape more disk-like, some … more »

Quantum’s Janet Lafleur on Disruptive Influences at NAB

At NAB, we expect to see new storage solutions for 4K and higher resolution content, plus new cloud offerings for collaboration and archive. The question will be how much they disrupt the workflow. Will production teams have to change their … more »

Small Tree CEO Corky Seeber on Storage Pressure Points at NAB

The competition between solid state disk and the rotational hard disk will continue during this year’s NAB. Each year, SSDs get better and larger, but the rotational hard disks keep growing in capacity as well. The customer’s workflow is the deciding factor … more »

ProMax CEO Jess Hartmann’s Five NAB Storage Trends to Watch

1)      Video Is Becoming More IT-Centric. The creative groups are no longer on an island on their own. The IT department wants to bless their solutions so they know they can manage them. My background is IT and I've been … more »


XenData’s New LTO Archive System Makes a USB 3.0 Connection

XenData's new X2500-USB LTO-6 archive system can be connected to desktop workstations and notebook computers via USB 3.0, the company said. It's a potentially useful tool for a data wrangler on set, who could use it to offload files from camera … more »


Watch Yourself Work with LaCie’s Mirror Drive

LaCie's latest exercise in high-end design is the Mirror, a new portable 1 TB hard drive encased in Gorilla Glass that comes with a carrying pouch, a cleaning cloth, and its own ebony display stand. It was concocted in collaboration … more »


G-Technology Debuts G-RAID with Thunderbolt 2, USB 3.0 Ports

G-Technology launched a new G-RAID drive system offering both Thunderbolt 2 and USB 3.0 connectivity. The drive will also be available without the Thunderbolt connection for a savings of $100-$200, depending on capacity.  The G-RAIDs both come with two removable 7200rpm … more »