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Blackmagic Arduino

Blackmagic Goes a Little DIY with 3G-SDI Arduino Shield

It just got easier for engineers to build custom controller devices for cameras from Blackmagic Design with the release of the $95 Blackmagic 3G-SDI Arduino Shield, a double-sided expansion board for the low-cost Arduino open-source hardware platform with 3G-SDI input and output. The … more »

The Infiltrator

Director Brad Furman on The Infiltrator

Brad Furman’s new movie, The Infiltrator, was risky for him as a young director because it’s a serious drama built around themes seen before in motion pictures — a law-enforcement mole infiltrating organized crime at the highest levels and getting in … more »

Blackmagic Design Production Camera 4K

Blackmagic Design Updates Production Camera 4K Workflow

The original Blackmagic Production Camera 4K, first shipped in February 2014, just got a new firmware update that expands the available workflow options when using an external recorder with the camera.  First, the v3.4 firmware adds start and stop triggering … more »


Review: Rosco LitePad Vector CCT

The benefits of LED lighting are indisputable and well established, as modern units are capable of outputting near-equivalent tungsten intensity while consuming only 10% of the power. For film and video makers, LED’s low energy draw and minimal heat allow sets … more »

Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera review

Review: Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera and Video Assist

With the proliferation of drones and handheld gimbals, compact cameras have become very popular for professional cinematographers. ARRI’s Alexa Mini and the 3.3 lb. Red Weapon are recent examples. For low-budget filmmakers, the GoPro Hero4 Black has been the go-to camera … more »

Jaunt One VR camera

Jaunt One VR Camera Will Be Rentable Through Radiant Images

Jaunt said today that its Jaunt One 24G VR camera will be available for rent exclusively through Los Angeles rental house Radiant Images. One of the few off-the-shelf VR acquisition systems to emerge in the fast-growing market, the Jaunt One 24G … more »


Review: FrameForge Pre-viz Studio v3.6

By and large, directors are a neurotic lot. That is understandable. With myriad details to manage on and off the set, feature film and commercial directors have plenty of distractions from capturing a visually compelling and emotional story. It’s a shame that many … more »

Elle Fanning in The Neon Demon

StudioDaily Dossier: Nicolas Winding Refn’s Controversial The Neon Demon

Danish-born film director Nicolas Winding Refn hit the mark with his directorial debut, the 1996 crime drama Pusher, a European hit that earned worldwide distribution. The film was such a success that Refn returned to it eight years later, shooting … more »

UHD to be added to Hitachi cameras

HDR Is Coming to Hitachi’s Broadcast Camera Line

Hitachi said it will add HDR capabilities to its HDTV and UHD 4K broadcast cameras at the 2016 Telemundo Cine Video Television Expo in Mexico City next week. Any Hitachi camera purchased before September 30 will get the HDR capabilities … more »

The Mill Blackbird

The Mill’s Blackbird Is Any Car and Every Car, Whenever You Need It

The Mill said it's cracked the biggest problem in automotive advertising — the need to have a finished, physical car on location for your shoot. Blackbird is a blank, black car rig that can be modified on the fly to mimic … more »