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Elle Fanning in The Neon Demon

StudioDaily Dossier: Nicolas Winding Refn’s Controversial The Neon Demon

Danish-born film director Nicolas Winding Refn hit the mark with his directorial debut, the 1996 crime drama Pusher, a European hit that earned worldwide distribution. The film was such a success that Refn returned to it eight years later, shooting … more »

UHD to be added to Hitachi cameras

HDR Is Coming to Hitachi’s Broadcast Camera Line

Hitachi said it will add HDR capabilities to its HDTV and UHD 4K broadcast cameras at the 2016 Telemundo Cine Video Television Expo in Mexico City next week. Any Hitachi camera purchased before September 30 will get the HDR capabilities … more »

The Mill Blackbird

The Mill’s Blackbird Is Any Car and Every Car, Whenever You Need It

The Mill said it's cracked the biggest problem in automotive advertising — the need to have a finished, physical car on location for your shoot. Blackbird is a blank, black car rig that can be modified on the fly to mimic … more »

Shooting 4K Imax

Imax DP James Neihouse, ASC, on Shooting 4K in Space

Cinematographer James Neihouse, ASC, may be to Imax documentaries what Roger Deakins, CBE, ASC, BSC, and Janusz Kaminski are to feature films, with a slight twist. With more than 30 Imax productions to his credit, including the format's first underwater film and … more »

Motley Crue: The End

This is The End: Shooting and Editing Mötley Crüe’s Farewell in 4K

The shoot for Mötley Crüe's farewell concert, captured at the close of a three-night stand at the Staples Center in L.A., was a very rock-and-roll production. Working with the band, director Christian Lamb had a mere four weeks to put … more »


FAA Finalizes New Rules for Legal Small Drone Flights

The Federal Aviation Administration has loosened the rules for commercial drone pilots, announcing today that, effective in August, small UAVs may be piloted by users who pass a test for remote pilot certification rather than obtaining a full pilot certificate for manned aircraft. … more »

Perspective Chapter 2

Specular Theory CEO Morris May on 360-Degree Filmmaking

Founded in 2013 by CEO Morris May, a former VFX artist with credits on Spider-Man 2 and 3 and Star Wars: Episode II, and CMO Ryan Pulliam, a digital media marketing specialist and former associate producer with ESPN, Specular Theory specializes in VR experiences … more »


SolidAnim’s Camera-Tracking Software Now Works with Unity Engine

As VFX-heavy film projects hybridize live-action and CG production, the Unity Engine has come into its own as a tool for filmmakers. Riding the trend, SolidAnim said it has released SolidTrack Unity, a new version of its markerless camera-tracking system that works with … more »

Odyssey 7Q+

New Convergent Design Firmware Supports FS5 Raw and More

Convergent Design is releasing a free firmware update today for its Apollo and Odyssey field monitor/recorders in what the company describes as the products' largest feature update so far. Key among the new features for the Apollo are double master recording, which … more »

Colorfont Demos Updated Express Dailies 2016 at Cine Gear Expo

Colorfront expanded its support of on-set UHD and HDR workflow through the just-announced Express Dailies 2016. Express Dailies 2016, which debuted over the weekend at Cine Gear Expo in Hollywood, uses the ACES-compliant Colorfront Engine, now in a 64-bit version running on the Mac … more »