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Create Gradient Blurs in Avid Media Composer

Graduated blurs, often seen in music videos and commercials, have become a popular stylistic effect. Blurring the lower third or half of the screen can work on many different levels more »

Quick Tip – Roll Your Own FCP Plugs Without Writing a Line Of Code

The first thing you'll notice about Noise Industries' FxFactory plug-ins- the only major plug-in package to support FxPlug, Apple's modern architecture for film-quality effects - is their speed more »

Review: GenArts Sapphire Plug-ins for Avid AVX

While once limited to just compositing programs, visual effects plug-ins are fast becoming a mainstay of many editing systems. Once we started using our Sapphire plug-ins on our Final Cut Pro system, there was no going back to just using them with After Effects. more »

I’ll Bet There’s a Plug-In for That

How many ways can you create the so-called "Ken Burns Effect?" Though not invented by Burns, Ken and his brother Ric certainly made this pan-and-zoom effect popular with their documentaries about more »

Quick Tip – Tweak Colors in AE With Vectorscope Precision

Despite careful white balancing, footage sometimes ends up with an overall color cast or tint. This is often caused by mixed lighting or light reflected from colored walls, carpet and even clothing. more »

Quick Tip – Navigate The New UI in Boris Red 4.0

Prior to the release of Boris 4.0, the UI was completely overhauled. As part of this GUI renewal project, Preferences have been changed. Many items previously included in Preferences are now in the new palette window more »

Use Gridlron Nucleo Pro to Render While You Work

I use Nucleo Pro, along with After Effects 7, on every single project. It's become so completely integrated into my workflow that I have already lost count of how many hours I've saved by using it. These setups will show you how to use Nucleo Pro to cut your regular design times in half. more »

Add A Torch With Tinderbox 4

The Tinderbox plug-ins have long been a wonderful set to have in your After Effects toolbox. While specialized, the Tinderbox plug-ins are invaluable when you need them. more »

Apply a Custom Look in Magic Bullet Suite

Unlike other film-look plug-ins that give you a preset for some random film stock you've never heard of, Magic Bullet presets are based on popular color treatments and color grading styles found in well-known movies. more »

Five Questions with… Lochlon Johnston, CG/VFX Supervisor, Zoic Studios

Lochlon Johnston, CG/VFX Supervisor at Zoic Studios, steps up to answer Five Questions. more »