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Creating CG Phantoms in Smallville

With each season of Smallville, the visual effects get more elaborate while the production schedule remains fixed. Entity FX, which recently celebrated the completion of its 100th episode, keeps pushing the limits as seen in their work creating CG phantoms that attack Superman in the Phantom Zone. more »

Cutting-Edge Face Replacement … on Ice

Rainmaker's Visual Effects Supervisor Mark Breakspear led the 150-person team that filled 3D stadiums with digital crowds and gave the four main actors Olympic-class skating moves - or rather, convinced the audience these skaters, not their stunt doubles, could perform an Olympian's triple salchows, double axels, spins, lifts, and spirals. more »

REVIEW: Matrox RT.X2

With the RT.X2, given enough underlying computer and graphics-card horsepower, there isn't much in the basic Premiere Pro toolkit you can't do in real time and in two layers at once in HDV- plus more in SD more »

Create and Tear Cloth with Maya nCloth in Version 8.5

As the first module within Maya Nucleus, Maya nCloth is a powerful cloth simulator that's incredibly responsive and easy to use. In this tutorial, we examine a quick and easy approach to creating a flag in Maya nCloth that not only interacts with other objects, but tears as well. more »

REVIEW: NewTek LightWave v9

NewTek's Lightwave v9 is a complete modeler, UV surfacing, 3D painting and rendering tool featuring major upgrades, such as the new Node Editor. LightWave proves again that it's a contender by offering an essentially complete package for the price some 3D companies pay for a plug-in or version upgrade. more »

Create a Cooler LightBlast Filter in After Effects

Sometimes it seems as if After Effects users don't realize that AE comes with filters built in. As a plug-in developer, I think this is great because it means people continue to have huge appetites for third-party plug-ins. more »

Adobe Announces Creative Suite 3

Adobe announced a sizable portion of improvements and innovations in Adobe Creative Suite 3, the newest version of its integrated flotilla of tools for content creators. more »

Director's Commentary: Johanna Andersson on "Birds Are Singing"

Director Johanna Andersson of FilmTecknarna talks about creating a dollhouse in 3D for the music video "Birds Are Singing" for the Swedish band Consequences. more »

VIDEO TUTORIAL: Techniques for Streamlining Animation in Softimage XSI

Animator Damijan Satchio of UVPhactory demonstrates a few of the techniques the studio used to create the series of animated spots and teasers that take the viewer inside and swirling around a pinball machine to promote MTV's Crank Yankers and Celebrity Death Match. more »

Five Questions with… creative director Harry Dorrington, rhinofx

Harry Dorrington, creative director at rhinofx, steps up to answer Five Questions. more »