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Mark Schoennagel, senior 3D animator at Softimage|XSI, shows how to use the Generalized Attribute Transfer Operator (GATOR) in XSI to transfer UV coordinates and shape animations to and from completely different characters. more »

Making Old Plug-ins Work in Premiere Pro 2

When Pinnacle Systems decided to end its relationship with Adobe, it meant that their popular Hollywood FX transitions plug-ins did not work in the new Premiere Pro. But never fear, here is the solution to get those plug-ins to work with Premiere Pro 2. more »

First Look: Boris Blue

Grant Carroll from Boris FX stopped by the AlphaDogs' Editor's Lounge to explain the features of the standalone, realtime 3D compositing application Boris Blue, which began shipping in June. more »

Bringing Graphic-Design Savvy
to Music Video

Jason Pires brought his background in graphic arts to bear on rapper Jae-P's music video "Vecino" ("Neighbor" in Spanish). Even if you can't understand the lyrics, the images make the message known - Pires' skill as a graphic artist creates a moving and powerful counterpoint to the words. more »

New Version Of Antics Released

Antics, pioneers of intelligent animation technology, is pleased to announce that version 2 of its revolutionary real time animated pre-viz software application will be officially released on 16 October 2006. more »

Matrox Announces New Features for Matrox RT.X2

Matrox Video Products Group today announced that release 2.0 software for the Matrox RT.X2 realtime HDV and DV editing platform will provide significant new features including realtime native editing of JVC‚s ProHD HDV 720p format. Matrox RT.X2 is designed primarily for realtime native HDV and DV editing with Adobe Premiere Pro. It also provides a high-quality MPEG-2 I-frame codec so users can capture other HD and SD formats using RT.X2‚s analog inputs and mix all types of footage on the timeline in real time. Matrox RT.X2 will be demonstrated on the Matrox stand 7.128. more »

Instantly Eliminate Moving Objects from Shots with Boris Continuum Complete 4 Motion Keyer

The new Motion Key filter in Boris Continuum Complete 4 does the job, almost by magic, with surprisingly good results and without the hours of labor. I'm using FCP as the host here, but any of the other supported BCC 4.0 hosts would work also. more »

Autodesk Maya and Max

Autodesk presented the first step in what it is calling a three-year roadmap that will integrate Maya and 3ds Max more closely while strengthening the the individual power of each application. more »

Reaping the Creative Rewards from The Toll

One of the big surprises at the Siggraph Animation Show came not from heavyweights like Disney, Pixar or even the commercial house Charlex, which ended up winning the show's award for best animated short with One Rat Short, but rather with a little known, but rising animation house Hatchling Studio tucked away in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, with its unique animated film The Toll. more »

VFX Commentary on Making Billions of Beauties

In this video from SIGGRAPH, joint head of 3D at visual effects company The Mill, Jordi Bares, explains how they used Massive software to created billions of bodacious beauties for Lynx antiperspirant. The :60, directed by Frederick Bond via MJZ, features hundreds of thousands of blondes, brunettes and Asian women flocking from all corners of the earth to capture the ultimate prize: a man scented with Lynx. more »