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Boris Blue

Are you frustrated with the graphics power of your video workstation? Do you feel hampered by your inability to render 3D titles, composites and motion graphics in real time, making it impractical for you to experiment and innovate? Welcome to the club. We buy faster and faster graphics cards, yet we don't see a commensurate improvement in our 3D renderings. Why not? more »

Create and Render Photo-Real HDR Images in Maya

Using Pixar RenderMan's global illumination techniques inside Maya lets you create highly realistic lighting with minimal setup. You can achieve drastically different looks by simply rotating the RenderMan Environment Light and trying different HDR images. more »

Create Cool Wipes and Effects with Stencil Blend Modes in Apple Motion 2

Motion is like a big playground and is actually a very deep application. Take the techniques in this tutorial and apply them to other parts and content in your project. Using blend modes on objects composited over the pre-baked Replicators can result in very interesting wipes and effects. more »

Blend Cinema 4D Elements with 2D After Effects Animation for a 2.5D Look

By rendering out 3D elements in Cinema 4D with multi-pass renders and object buffers you can bring them into your Adobe After Effects comps and blend them with your flat images to create the illusion of 3D, or as I like to call it, "2.5D." more »

What’s My Workflow: Super Slow Motion

The directors Armi and Kinski from HSI/Culver City didn't want a total frozen moment. We've all seen those completely frozen moments before and wanted to do something different with a super-slowed down moment, which meant using a photosonic camera that could shoot 2000 fps. more »

Luxology modo 201

Luxology recently unveiled modo 201, a 3D modeling, painting and rendering software program built on the ultra-clean modo code base. The software combines 3D painting and rendering tools in a modern workflow more »

Knoll Light Factory 2.5

Red Giant Software, makers of John Knoll's popular Knoll Light Factory plug-in for After Effects, began shipping version 2.5 in mid-July. Just click on "Do GPU" in this version of the ILM Visual more »

Knoll Spark Pack v.3

In another quadrant of the Knoll galaxy, Digital Anarchy released Knoll Spark Pack v.3. New features give you increased control over the look of hundreds of lighting effects for more refined 2D composites. The more »

Digital Anarchy Data Animator 1.0

Data Animator is easy to use, yet deep and flexible. It reduces the drudgery of creating accurate data visualizations and lets you focus on design and presentation. more »

Transfer Attributes with GATOR in SOFTIMAGE|XSI v.5.1

The Generalized Attribute Transfer Operator (GATOR) in SOFTIMAGE|XSI lets you transfer attributes like UVs, Materials, Vertex Colors, Envelope (Skin) Weights and even Shape Animation to and from completely different characters. more »