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Editors' Lounge: SyncVue

Michael Buday, founder of SyncVue, stopped by the AlphaDogs Editors' Lounge to demo his company's remote collaboration tool. Watch the video to see how you could leverage SyncVue. more »

Evolving the Earth in 60 Seconds

With footage shot on location, and stock footage, used essentially just for background plates, it was up to Asylum to show the evolution of the earth in CG. more »

Click-thru Tutorial: Magic Bullet Looks

In this tutorial, creator of Magic Bullet and veteran visual effects artist Stu Maschwitz demonstrates the tools within the finishing app Magic Bullet Looks. more »

Shooting Animation Verità©-Style for Surf's Up

Mid-way through the animated mockumentary Surf's Up, one of the penguins faces the camera and asks an invisible camera crew if they're hungry. We hear a voice answer, "Uh, yeah." more »

VIDEO TUTORIAL: Using Cinema 4D and BodyPaint with After Effects

Paul Baab of Maxon demonstrates some key techniques of using Cinema 4D in conjucntion with After Effects, as well at the power of BodyPaint. more »

Triple VFX Trouble on Spider-Man 3

Peter Parker picked a peck of trouble this time. It could have meant trouble, too, for the team at Sony Pictures Imageworks, which handled the bulk of the effects. more »

Red Giant Magic Bullet Suite 2007

Red Giant Software 's completely revamped product, Magic Bullet Suite 2007, includes a full collection of the company's latest tools all in one package more »

Adobe After Effects CS3 Professional

When version 7 of Adobe After Effects was released, there were more tools and features than you could shake a stick at, and it seemed we wouldn't need a new release for quite some time. more »

Q&A: Jos Stam, Autodesk Principal Research Scientist

Ask animators and VFX artists what was the most challenging part of their work and the answer is invariably: cloth and liquid, and don't even try to create hair that looks and reacts properly. But the introduction of Maya Nucleus unified simulation framework takes the first step in easing many of these challenges more »

Animating a Coffee-Lovers’ Fantasy

When the boards for the Finnish coffeemaker, Paulig Presidentti, came to Stardust Studios in New York, they were instantly attracted to creating animation with the brand's signature green and gold color scheme. more »