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Making a CG Rainstorm with After Effects Plug-ins and Automated Rotoscoping

The Syndicate accelerated from 0 to 60 in the blink of an eye when the rug was pulled out from under a planned commercial shoot for BMW. more »


Producer/editor Paul Mitton of Creation Trek Productions demonstrates a number of visual effects techniques in Avid Liquid including color correction, animated text and keyframing. more »

Create 3D Animated Particles in Cinema 4D with After Effects

Splines in MAXON's Cinema 4D are great to use as paths for Trapcode Particular particles in After Effects to follow. The Cinema 4D bezier tools and multiple views allow a much easier approach to motion path creation than trying to move a particle emitter around in After Effects. more »

Heavy-Duty VFX Management for Battlestar Galactica

See Atmosphere's work (with and without audio commentary) and read the article to learn more about what went into managing workflow for Battlestar Galactica's biggest spectacle to date. more »

Kevin Tod Haug on VFX For Stranger Than Fiction … and Other Non-VFX Movies

F&V got Kevin Tod Haug to talk about doing VFX for Forster's latest not-a-VFX-film, Stranger Than Fiction, finding good work in Russia, and the VFX industry's "roving horde" of freelancers more »

Design and Blend an Animated Logo with HD Video

Always first consider the logo elements, their shapes, different sizes and the context of the company itself.Our animator, Lori Newman, worked with my company's new logo, designed in Adobe Illustrator, in this way before sketching out several animation ideas more »

Dennis Hoffman Joins Anthem Visual Effects as VP/Head of Production

Vancouver-based Anthem Visual Effects Inc. has appointed Dennis Hoffman as Vice President/Head of Production. more »

Renaissance Film Noir Animation

Renaissance, which opens in U.S. theatres on September 22, integrates film noir and motion capture to create an unusual and dramatic look, one that garnered first-time feature director Christian Volckman "Best Picture" at Annecy International Film Festival. more »


Mark Schoennagel, senior 3D animator at Softimage|XSI, shows how to use the Generalized Attribute Transfer Operator (GATOR) in XSI to transfer UV coordinates and shape animations to and from completely different characters. more »

Making Old Plug-ins Work in Premiere Pro 2

When Pinnacle Systems decided to end its relationship with Adobe, it meant that their popular Hollywood FX transitions plug-ins did not work in the new Premiere Pro. But never fear, here is the solution to get those plug-ins to work with Premiere Pro 2. more »