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Talking with Digital Domain’s Fred Raimondi

Production studio Digital Domain recently put a twist on a familiar scenario in a TV spot produced for Pepsi-Cola's new Amp energy drink. Crumbled pieces of paper mystically come to life and attack their creator. Special Effects Supervisor Fred Raimondi used Lightwave, Flame and Maya on the project that blends CG with live action. more »

The Orphanage's Transpacific Creature Effects for The Host

Film & Video asked visual effects producer Arin Finger and creature supervisor Corey Rosen about working with the Korean production team, the creature's complicated rigging system, and how The Orphanage's VFX knowhow helped the production keep its CG budget under control. more »

Creating the Oracle in 300

Jeremy Hunt, owner/director of the boutique visual effects house Screaming Death Monkey had long known Chris Watts, the visual effects supervisor on 300. So when it came time to choose vendors to work on the film, a company as small as Screaming Death Monkey was granted the rare opportunity to work on a big budget film. Of course opportunity is what you do with it. more »

Five Questions with… Steve Tozzi, creative director, Click 3X

Steve Tozzi, creative director at Click 3X, steps up to answer Five Questions. more »

Creating a Swarm for “The Show”

Pushpins turned killer bees. This was the concept awarded to Crash & Sue's to create the series of vignettes for The Show, the Advertising Federation annual award ceremony, AdFed, which honors the state's best in advertising and design. more »

Five Questions with… Tim Bird, VFX artist, A52

Tim Bird, VFX artist at A52, steps up to answer Five Questions and his most recent work on the Bud Light spot "Snowed In" via DDB Chicago. more »

Unsettling Title Design for The Number 23

The opening titles for director Joel Schumacher's new film, a paranoid-numerology thriller called The Number 23, required an approach that mixed elements from the film's narrative with visual continuity with the movie itself. more »

Skymatter Announces Free Trial of Mudbox 1.0.4

Skymatter Limited, a high-end provider of 3D software tools, today announced the immediate availability of a free trial of Mudbox 1.0.4, the company's advanced 3D sculpting software. more »

Visual Effects Society 5th Annual VES Awards Announced

The VES Awards were given out tonight during the Visual Effects Society’s (VES) fifth annual gala event at the Kodak Grand Ballroom. This year’s event, garnering the best attendance for these events so far, attracted more than eight hundred celebrities, … more »

A 2D/3D Mashup at 2K and 24p

When New York's Nailgun* took on a 15-second cinema spot for Mercury, it had no way of knowing that the project would lead to a whole new way of working. more »