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Add Light Edges with CC Light Sweep in After Effects

Green screen talent is often lit very flat, which makes it difficult to properly blend the talent in the background plate. One handy tool for dealing with this is the CC Light Sweep, a former Cycore plug-in that now comes standard in After Effects. more »

Luxology Modo 202

The words "easy" and "3D" don't often come together. Hence, tools promising a better path for 3D tend to get plenty of attention. For its part, the Luxology team behind Modo is essentially the same one that brought Lightwave to the masses. more »

Janet Jackson's Wardrobe Function

How do you maintain a PG rating when Janet Jackson's clothes disappear in a flash? Good question, and one that the producers of the 2005 Super Bowl halftime show would have certainly liked to have known the answer to (or maybe not). more »

NaturalMotion endorphin 2.7

New fluid effects support, a Maya control panel plug-in, extended forces and torques, additional file format support and improved user resources are among the more »

ProDAD VitaScene

ProDAD, a software developer based in Germany, has introduced Vitascene, a new plug-in for video effects and transitions. With Vitascene, users get GPU-rendered pro effects and moods for digital video editing more »

Animating The Very First Noel

In a style and story reminiscent of the old Christmas classics created in the ‘60s and ‘70s by Rankin-Bass Productions, Reel FX created the animated short video The Very First Noel, which tells the tale of the journey by the three wise men to witness the new messiah, Jesus. more »

VFX Commentary: The Secret of Tiger Woods’ Swing

To show how Tiger Woods generates power in his drives from his feet, or rather Nike shoes, up, Nike Golf tapped Imaginary Forces to create a short film for its Power Platform technology in a new line of golf shoes. more »

Making Digital Characters Emote

While today's animation software allows the creation of these characters the task of making them move and react in a realistic manner is arduous to say the least. Pendulum Studios created their own solution for mo-cap data. more »

How a Complicated Web of CG Work Brought Charlotte and Friends to Life

Filmmakers rarely rely on visual effects to tell humble stories, but the gentleness of the new film version of Charlotte's Web depended largely on the artists who made the talking live-action and CG animals believable. more »

Putting a Stop-Motion Look in the CG Film Flushed Away

Animator Dug Calder talks about making the transition from stop-motion to CG and back again, and from the relatively small confines of Aardman to the huge complex of Dreamworks Studio to create Flushed Away. more »