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Unsettling Title Design for The Number 23

The opening titles for director Joel Schumacher's new film, a paranoid-numerology thriller called The Number 23, required an approach that mixed elements from the film's narrative with visual continuity with the movie itself. more »

Skymatter Announces Free Trial of Mudbox 1.0.4

Skymatter Limited, a high-end provider of 3D software tools, today announced the immediate availability of a free trial of Mudbox 1.0.4, the company's advanced 3D sculpting software. more »

Visual Effects Society 5th Annual VES Awards Announced

The VES Awards were given out tonight during the Visual Effects Society’s (VES) fifth annual gala event at the Kodak Grand Ballroom. This year’s event, garnering the best attendance for these events so far, attracted more than eight hundred celebrities, … more »

A 2D/3D Mashup at 2K and 24p

When New York's Nailgun* took on a 15-second cinema spot for Mercury, it had no way of knowing that the project would lead to a whole new way of working. more »

Creating 24's Mushroom Cloud

24 is well-loved for its general atmosphere of mayhem, but showing a mushroom cloud over an American city was new terrain, even for Jack Bauer. more »

Schizophrenic VFX on Dirt

The new FX series Dirt, which focuses on the world of Hollywood celebrities and the tabloids rags that alternately honor and vilify them, features recurring scenes that every filmmaker loves to create: those depicting an altered mental state, in this case that of one of the main characters Don Kinney (played by Ian Hart) who is the tabloids' schizophrenic photographer. more »

Nattress Film Effects 2.5

Film Effects 2.5 from Nattress Productions is a rich set of filters for Apple Final Cut Pro designed to make material that originated in video formats appear as though it were actually shot in film. more »

Animation Commentary: Darren Price on Drunken Bears and Cinematic Bunnies

Animator/vfx artist Darren Price of Nexus Productions talks about his first step into the realm of directing, as well as techniques used to get a cel-animation look from CG, with his short film Potapych: The Bear Who Loved Vodka and the animation workflow for the Motorola short in which a bunny travels through the history of cinema. more »

Five Questions with… director Aaron Stewart of Hornet

Director Aaron Stewart of Hornet Inc. steps up to answer Five Questions. 1. What are you working on today? I just had a baby boy (Nile on Jan. 3rd) I'm working on becoming a father. I am also working on … more »

Texture warping with NUKE

The STMap in NUKE is a simple but powerful node that handles texture warping this way: For each pixel in the output image, it looks at the corresponding pixel of the STMap and uses its red and green values as x/y coordinates respectively to pull the right pixel from the source image. more »