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Create the Pleasantville Effect in Avid Liquid

One of the most under-appreciated and under-utilized features in Avid Liquid is the Color Correction editor. Avid Liquid's Color Correction editor has an amazing array of features for adjusting, correcting and balancing color. more »

What’s My Flow: Galactic Explosions

Chris Zapara of Zoic Studios explains the workflow, from the animatic, CG work and 3D compositing, to make a galactic explosion on the SciFi Channel's Battlestar Galactica more »

Edit and Create Subtitles in Apple FCP

Most of the films I make for NGOs in developing countries are in languages I don't speak. Here's how I work without worry in Apple Final Cut Pro. more »


If you happened to catch any part of VH1's Metal Month of May, the music-centric TV network's month-long salute to heavy metal, then you've seen some of UV Phactory's work. more »

Alex Weil’s CG Labor of Love and Rats

Over three years in the making, design and digital production studio Charlex is taking the film festival circuit by storm with its 10-minute CG animated film One Rat Short. more »

SGI Introduces Altix XE Server and Cluster Line-up

SGI today announced Altix XE, a new line of Linux-based servers and preconfigured clusters using Intel Xeon processors, as well as a new render-management system that integrates the Qube! System from PipelineFX. more »

Hey Bulldog: Canine Face Replacement on Garfield 2

Rainmaker in Vancouver had to put a phony face on a live bulldog and have the results look photoreal. The team used Newtek LightWave 3D 8.5, Eyeon Fusion 4, Worley Laboratories Sasquatch and Fprime, Iridas Framecycler and 2d3 Boujou 3. more »

CG Cinematography on Pixar's Cars

On Cars, the team of between 12 and 15 layout artists, the editor, cinematographer Jeremy Lasky and director John Lasseter blocked out the action for the characters in each shot - where and how fast they would drive - and designed the camera moves. more »

Fly Me to the Moon in 3D

In the past few years a select few of 2D animated feature films have been converted to 3D. Now, nWave Pictures is busy producing the first-ever computer animated feature length film designed, created and produced exclusively for 3D. more »

Giving the X-Men a Digital Face Lift

For years, beauty work ' removing wrinkles, blemishes and giving a glow to the skin - has been common in music videos. Recently, less drastic beauty work has been become more common in movies to make actors more vibrant. more »