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Click-thru tutorial: Frantic Films Awake

This tutorial shows a variety of tools within FRantic Films' Awake plug-in package for eyeon Fusion, including the lens distortion, digital film noise and workflow enhancements for stereoscopic imaging. more »

Click-thru tutorial: Frantic Films Flood Surf

This tutorial shows how to use Frantic Films' Flood:Surf to create realistic ocean surfaces. more »

A Hand-Drawn Look in 3D for Steelers’ Safety

Director Cisma of BlackList transforms Pittsburgh Steelers' star safety Troy Polamalu into a dark, fearsome animated character, inflicting punishment on his opponents in the new spot"The Line", creating the hand-drawn charcoal look in CG and animating difficult task of animating the violence of football. more »

Digital Juice Releases All Particles Matching Set of Animations and Graphics

Digital Juice announced today it is releasing a matching set of its popular royalty-free Jump Backs™ animated backgrounds and Juice Drops layered Photoshop graphics titled "All Particles". more »

Budget-Conscious VFX for Stardust

The effects in Stardust might not push the state of the art, but clever techniques made it possible to create an 800-shot well-designed fantasy film that holds its own, even with a less-than-magical budget. more »

Xrez Pushes Gigapixel Power to the Max

here some people see a digital still camera, Eric Hanson sees the building block for an insanely detailed panorama that, with the right kind of VFX knowhow, can be turned into a compelling backdrop or a 3D scene background for visual effects artists. more »

Encore Hollywood Adds VFX Supervisor R. Edward Black

Emmy-winning Visual Effects Supervisor and Flame Artist R. Edward Black has joined Encore Hollywood. more »

Eyeon Fusion Support for SpeedGrade .Look Format

Eyeon Software Inc. announces that it has added support for the IRIDAS .Look file format in its award-winning Fusion 5.2 compositing application. more »

eyeon Announces Fusion ®64

eyeon Software Inc. announces the first 64-bit desktop compositing application on the market, Fusion ®64. more »

Combining Massive, Maya nCloth and Mo-cap for a Crowd Giant

The new :60 spot for MillerLite "Break from the Crowd" required meticulous pre-production planning, extensive pre-visualization, motion capture, a script that allowed Maya nCloth to drive and control agents created in Massive Software, complex CG and compositing work more »