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4K Cameras: What’s the State of the Art in 2014?

With the publication of our third annual overview of the 4K camera market, it's time to start wondering how much longer a 4K camera guide will be relevant. 4K acquisition has quickly become the rule for hot new cameras, and … more »


How They Did It: Divergent’s Mirror Room Sequence (and More)

Do you call a film with more than 1000 visual effects a visual-effects film? Probably not, if you don’t notice the effects. That's the case with director Neil Burger’s Divergent. “It’s a big visual-effects film, but it’s not VFX-driven,” says … more »

What to Know and What to Ask When You Shop for Storage at NAB

The media and entertainment (M&E) industry, and especially the post-production sector, seems to be an aggressively targeted market for NAS and SAN based solutions, as in the past three years more and more vendors have made inroads into the market. … more »


LTO: It’s Not Just for Archives Anymore

As media companies look to store ever-growing mountains of digital content for the long term, LTO tapes are becoming a de facto archival standard for media. Widespread adoption of the LTFS format means LTO tape can behave more like a … more »


Grading Anthony Bourdain’s Culinary Travels to Parts Unknown

CNN's Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown takes the chef and restaurateur's prickly blend of cultural and culinary commentary to the extreme. Although some episodes may begin in a recognizable place, like the Tokyo bar made famous by Sofia Coppola's film Lost in Translation … more »

4K Cameras: What’s the State of the Art in 2013?

A year ago in this space, we took a look at the 4K camera market, listing the many different ways for cinematographers to get into high-resolution image capture. It was an exciting time for 4K—Canon had started shipping the EOS … more »


Riding the Rails in Japan with JVC’s GY-HM600

Japan is a country of incredible contrasts. About 80% of the land is devoid of settlements due to topography. So the farmlands and urban areas cluster and compete to house and feed the nation’s 128 million people. Tokyo, the nation’s … more »


Digital Arts Brings State-of-the-Art 4K Post to New York

With the rise in so much content being shot in 4K and with 4K Ultra HD television sets rapidly coming down in price, the need for full 4K post services has never been greater. Axel Ericson, founder and creative director of … more »

Essential Gear: Cameras

StudioDaily polled some of the industry's top dealers for their read on what cameras and accessories are in the highest demand, or coming on strong later this year. Here's a look at trending products.   Brett Gillespie Marketing Manager Band … more »


Local Hero Post’s Leandro Marini on the Promise of Creative DI

I first sat down with colorist and Local Hero Post owner Leandro Marini back in September during IBC. In front of a full Assimilate Scratch system in a curtained corner of Assimilate's booth, he showed me some of the things … more »