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David Byrne Shows Off His Home Studio, Writes the Book on Music and Creativity

I'm about halfway through the new book by David Byrne, How Music Works. It covers David Byrne's work as a solo artist and with his old band, Talking Heads, in the most detail, but it's one of the best books … more »


Moving Day: A Free E-Book on VFX and More

If you're one for learning about this crazy world we call post-production and, more specifically, visual effects, then you're probably familiar with FXPHD and fxguide. They are a great resource for all things VFX, including online classes, blogs, podcasts and … more »


Book Urges Video Newbs to Shut Up and Shoot

The new Shut Up and Shoot Freelance Video Guide, forwarded to us by our friends at Focal Press, is a straightforward, densely packed compendium of wisdom on video production, including chapters tailored to marketing and promo videos, music videos, live … more »