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Six Reasons HDR Isn’t a Done Deal

High dynamic range (HDR) displays are all the rage. HDR systems do a much better job than their predecessors of presenting details in the darkest shadows and brightest highlights of an image, and also maintain cleaner separation of details in … more »

Christopher Nolan

Interstellar: First Reactions and Tech Specs for Exhibition

Christopher Nolan's nearly-three-hour-long spacefaring epic Interstellar, which opens November 5 in theaters showing film and November 7 on digital screens, is one of the year's most ambitious and highly anticipated movies. Until very recently, it was also the big studio release that we … more »


Christie and AMC to Screen G.I. Joe: Retaliation with Laser Projection in Burbank

If you find yourself in Burbank later this month, you might want to make time for a screening of G.I. Joe: Retaliation. According to Christie, the AMC Theatres Burbank 16 multiplex will be showing the movie in stereo 3D the … more »


The Hobbit‘s HFR Reviews Are In, and They’re Not So Good

Peter Jackson knew this day was coming. Last night at midnight, the studio embargo on reviews of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey was lifted, and the first pieces began appearing on the web. Based on early reaction to a screening of … more »


Sony’s New 4K Player is Built into the TV

Sony's new XBR-84X900 is a gorgeous TV. (With a nod to the Consumer Electronics Association's recent adoption of the "Ultra HD" monicker to describe the 3840×2160 that is not quite what most filmmakers mean when they refer to "4K," Sony … more »


Here Are the Theaters Showing The Hobbit at 48fps

In case you missed it, the Los Angeles Times reported last week that The Hobbit will screen at its native 48fps projection rate in only about 450 North American movie theaters — probably a little more than 10 percent of … more »


Digital Projection Shines at One Festival Screening, Shuts Down Another

What's the state of the art in 3D projection? For Ang Lee's Life of Pi, which premiered last Friday in the New York Film Festival's (NYFF) cavernous Alice Tully Hall, it's two Christie CP4230 DLP Cinema projectors running in tandem … more »