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Virtual Reality and the Craft Lessons of 3D

With 360 VR poised to be the next great technology and format, one cannot help but think about the last immersive technology to hit the market. Five years ago, 3D seemed on top of the world and only gaining more momentum, with … more »

ProMax CEO Jess Hartmann’s Five NAB Storage Trends to Watch

1)      Video Is Becoming More IT-Centric. The creative groups are no longer on an island on their own. The IT department wants to bless their solutions so they know they can manage them. My background is IT and I've been … more »

What to Know and What to Ask When You Shop for Storage at NAB

The media and entertainment (M&E) industry, and especially the post-production sector, seems to be an aggressively targeted market for NAS and SAN based solutions, as in the past three years more and more vendors have made inroads into the market. … more »

The Case for Object Storage

Of the 798 episodes of the BBC’s Doctor Who that have been filmed and aired since 1963, 97 are missing. According to The New Yorker, old episodes were simply taped over when new ones were made: “In the 1960s and … more »

Cloud Computing in Post-Production

"The cloud" has existed for decades. Remember when the official graphic symbol for the internet was an "evil" cloud? Today, however, cloud is one of the most frequently used buzzwords. So many companies seem to offer a solution with or … more »

Does Amazon’s Cloud Transcoding Service Make Sense for You?

Last week, Amazon released a cloud video transcoding service called Amazon Elastic Transcoder. The service is priced at a significant discount compared to other cloud transcoding services, such as Zencoder, that run on Amazon Web Services. Many in the twittersphere … more »

Five Questions: “Saigon ’68” Director Douglas Sloan

Documentarian Douglas Sloan strives to put a single moment frozen in time into a larger context in "Saigon ’68," a 15-minute short premiering this week at the DOC NYC festival in New York. It examines a notorious image from the … more »


Monitoring 3D Better with Matrox’s MC-100

We have been doing 3D for about four years now here at DJ Woods, and still we find that during production we need different options for handling different alignment issues. Until recently, when we worked on set and needed to … more »

Stephen Dorff in Brake

Making Brake an Indie Success Story

Just like actors, cinematographers tend to be typecast. I think I’m good at coming up with creative solutions given limited resources, but I don’t know what makes producers think I can shoot a decent feature in only two weeks' time. … more »

Top 5 Ways to Avoid Catastrophe in Production and Post

Top 5 Ways to Avoid Catastrophe in Production and Post

As a consultant far too often I get called in to "fix" problems that could have been avoided with a little planning and understanding. The really big budget productions rarely have these issues because they can afford to deal with things on set and/or in post. But for low- and mid-budget productions, most of the catastrophic problems I see in production and post could be overcome by following these five important guidelines. more »