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FireStore FS-2E Studio Direct-to-Edit recorder

Focus Enhancements' new FireStore FS-2E direct-to-edit recorder is designed as a tape-deck replacement, offering industry-standard ins and outs for SDI with embedded audio, DV25, component, composite more »

Kona LH for Final Cut Studio

Kona's new LH PCI card for Mac OS X and Final Cut Studio has HD and SD digital and analog IO. The LH supports native 10-bit uncompressed video and has on-board hardware more »

SL Cine SL-235 Magazine

SL Cine's (Los Angeles, CA) new SL-235 is a Steadicam-style 400-foot magazine created specifically for the Arriflex 235 camera. Made of magnesium, it weighs 3.5 pounds, making it a good option for Steadicam more »

Softimage|Face Robot

Avid ups the realism ante with Softimage|Face Robot , its upcoming facial animation technology. Face Robot will allow 3D artists to achieve lifelike facial animation for high-end film and post projects more »

Medialon Audio Server

The new Medialon Audio Server (MAS) system offers complete control of multiple audio tracks and integrates with Medialon Manager control software. Each of its 24 to 96 independent channels can be more »

Create a Title Sequence in Wondertouch particleIllusion

Using particleIllusion 3.0 from Wondertouch, you can create a flashy title sequence by quickly editing and animating a handful of preset particle emitters. more »

Use Compression for Better Audio Control

Step 1: Record dialog audio properly For best results in post, average at -12dB on the camera. Be sure that peaks are not more than -3dB. If your audio is too quiet, you'll lose resolution/audio quality. If more »

Combine Real-Time HD Title Rolls with Effected Video in Leitch VelocityHD

It's a style you've probably seen at the end of theatrical features - during the rolling titles listing the credits, small windows also roll onto the screen more »

Crossing Borders with HDV

From a trek through Central Asia for the U.N. to a Tibetan monastery in the foothills of the Himalayas, filmmaker Bill Megalos puts the Sony HVR-Z1U HDV camcorder to the test. more »

Hands-On HDV

Remember what DV did for standard-definition video acquisition? Ostensibly a consumer format, it opened the door for more than just accelerated home-movie production. Now HDV, which was also introduced as a consumer format, is catching on. more »