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Technicolor Chooses Sonic to Power Blu-ray Disc and HD DVD Titles

Sonic Solutions, the leader in digital media software, and Technicolor, part of the Services division of Thomson, today announced the production of the world's first replicated discs utilizing the advanced interactive modes of the Blu-ray Disc (BD) and HD DVD formats. more »

AICP Show Embraces New Media

As broadcasters worry about making up revenue as viewers increasingly TiVo past the venerable :30 spot, this year's annual AICP show, which debuts at New York's Music of Modern Art in June, will be the first to recognize spots made for your iPod. more »

Bright Systems Takes Charge of 4K Digital Post

Ever wanted to access the same drive simultaneously via fibre channel and Ethernet? Now you can. more »

New Century Universal HD Compact .8X Wide Angle Converter

Now camcorders with 72mm lens fronts can enjoy 20% wider coverage throughout the zoom range with Schneider Optic's new Century HD Compact .8X Wide Angle Converter. more »

Use Apple Soundtrack Pro Filters to Lower a Voice in Final Cut Pro Audio

Soundtrack Pro is the powerful audio application within Final Cut Studio that is designed specifically for audio post and sound design. You can use it to create music soundtracks using MIDI-controlled software instruments and Apple Loops, much like you do in Logic Pro and GarageBand. more »

Apple iPod with Video

If you've been working crazy deadlines and have somehow missed Apple's recent media blitz, here's a bit of news: The company's latest iPods now offer video support. Right after the initial launch in more »

Dealing with New PAs on Set

Have a production disaster or wild tale to tell that more »

Adventures in Indieland:
The Last Mogul

Lew Wasserman was the last of a breed: an old-school Hollywood film mogul with a spectacular rise and fall. His story intrigued Barry Avrich, president of Toronto-based advertising agency Endeavor, who has a track record of directing documentaries about unusual people. more »

Into the Light with Scion xA

To launch the Scion xA hatchback, Attik director/co-founder Simon Needham was charged with creating a compelling spot aimed at young adults by emphasizing the car's look and luxury options, from hubcaps to more »

Light a Product Shot in Under an Hour

The product shot is typically the last shot of the day, when everyone's tired and wants to go home. This method, which uses only one light, will help you do it quickly and easily. more »