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DI-Eye: A Critical Look at Digital Painting

It's actually unfair to compare the look of Fateless to the extraordinary photography of Roman Vishniac, a Russian photographer who documented the now-vanished world of Eastern European Jews as Hitler rose to power. Unfair only because Fateless, which is adapted from a semi-autobiographical novel by Nobel Prize-winner Imre Kertesz, has its own stellar pedigree: it's directed by Oscar-nominated cinematographer Lajos Koltai (his feature directorial debut) and shot by Gyula Pados, H.S.E. who just finished Basic Instinct 2, after the critically acclaimed Kontroll. more »

Tools and the People Who Use Them…

Pro8mm in Burbank now offers a discounted package for student filmmakers who want to try the Fuji Eterna line of 16mm film stocks. The "Easy Film 16" package costs $396 and includes the 400 feet of film, processing, prep, 45 minutes of full scene-to-scene color corrected transfer in its Digital Mastering Suite, and mini DV stock. more »

Who's Timing What at…

Moving Picture Company (MPC) - London Stormbreaker - Colorist: Max Horton | Release Date: July 21 (U.K.), August 18 (U.S.) Sunshin - Colorist: Jean Clement Soret | Release Date: TBD Sixty Six - Colorist: Max Horton | Release Date: TBD more »

Between Films with Nancy Schreiber, ASC

Nancy Schreiber climbed the filmmaking ladder from the electric department to ASC membership. She got her first cinematography jobs shooting documentaries and music videos, lots of them, for everyone from Billy Joel and Aretha Franklin to the Bangles. Aside from a stint shooting HBO series The Comeback starring Lisa Kudrow, Schreiber has mainly made a name for herself shooting indie features. In 2004, she won the Sundance Festival's award for Best Cinematography for November, which was shot in mini-DV, with the Panasonic DVX-100. more »

Digital Domain Uses DI Tool to Preview VFX in 2K

Visual effects powerhouse Digital Domain went shopping recently for something that would allow their VFX artists to look at their work in the context of a new conform. They invested in multiple Assimilate Scratch systems. Where some people might think of the systems as designed for "digital intermediates," the people at Digital Domain have a different idea. more »

From the Editor

When we began this newsletter several months ago, we laid down the framework for what it would be - an evolving exploration of what digital intermediate is. We'd like to ask you to get in on the conversation with a new forum thread that gets going with Leon Silverman's gambit... more »

Adobe OpenHD Alliance Expands

Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq:ADBE) today announced the expansion of the Adobe OpenHD alliance-originally started with Dell, HP, Intel, and Microsoft-to include 10 additional partners delivering the industry's best capture cards, graphics and video accelerators, audio tools, and data storage products. more »

Processing: Designing a Better Chip – Keep an Eye on This New CMOS Sensor

The geeks are hard at work in the lab at the University of Rochester. A pair of new technologies may soon enable power-hungry imaging chips to use just a fraction of the energy needed today and capture better images as well-all while someday enabling cameras to shrink to the size of a shirt button and run for years on a single battery. more »

Ikegami HDL-40 With Fiber Extension

Specialized HD video acquisition has achieved a new level of versatility, convenience, and quality with the introduction of the Ikegami HDL-40 With Fiber Extension. more »

Foundry Furnace 3 Plug-ins for Shake

Leading visual effects developer The Foundry kicks off 2006 with the launch of Furnace 3 for Shake, a major product release including brand new image processing plug-ins designed to significantly enhance workflow and productivity for Shake artists. more »