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AJA Kona LHe

AJA's new KONA LHe is a 10-bit uncompressed video capture card designed to take advantage of the PCI Express architecture in the new Power Mac G5 Quad dual-core desktop workstations from Apple. more »

Alienware Liquid Cooling

There's a cool new technology coming out of Alienware, a manufacturer of high-performance desktop, notebook, media center and professional systems: Alienware Liquid Cooling technology, launched across the more »

NewTek TriCaster

Consider the marvels of miniaturization. We're used to hearing about complex electronic circuits being shrunk smaller than the head of a pin, or millions of transistors reduced to an area tinier than a postage stamp. more »

Panasonic AG-DVX100B

DVX100 lovers have a new object of desire - the AG-DVX100B 24p/30p/60i MiniDV cinema camcorder. It builds on its predecessors in several ways, including camera-to-camera time-code sync and file transfer over IEEE 1394, for multi-camera shoots more »

Sonic Solutions HD DVD 1.0

In early September, Sonic Solutions released the first set of authoring tools that support the HD DVD 1.0 format. New titles built with these tools can include such features as movie-synchronized bonus more »

Medea VideoRaid 10/2000 FCR2X

It's a fact: high-resolution video requires a lot of space and very fast hard drive systems. Yet the fastest transfer speeds require fibre channel arrays, which initially were astronomically expensive more »

Restoring Film Master Fukasaku

Master Japanese director Kinji Fukasaku ( Battle Royale) is known for movies about war, yakuza crime and social corruption, and for inspiring Quentin Tarantino, who dedicated Japanese release prints of Kill Bill Vol. 1 to him. more »

The Best Field Gear at AES

Peter Schneider, co-owner of the Manhattan-based sound rental house/reseller Gotham Sound, cruised the aisles of AES in New York looking for hot, new location audio products that could make his clients' jobs more »

Light Rays Effect Using Boris Continuum in Final Cut Pro

The nine Boris Continuum Complete Rays filters offer similar functionality to produce varying lighting effects. This tutorial uses the Rays_Puffy filter, which spreads light from a source point for a soft, "puffy" appearance. more »

Playing the Field with 2D/3D Effects

After the edit had been finished on's 35mm footage for the Microsoft Windows XPA spot "Soccer," the goal was to tell the rest of the story with graphics. An on-screen narrator talks more »