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Avid’s SOFTIMAGE|XSI v.5.0

Can you afford custom graphics from a leading visual effects facility, such as Weta Digital or Industrial Light and Magic? For 99.9 percent of video and film producers, the answer is no. more »

Dealing with Outsourcing

Have a production disaster or wild tale to tell that more »

Create 3D Synchronized Swimming
In Adobe After Effects

The goal of this tutorial is to get multiple 3D layers in After Effects to move, rotate and otherwise dance along a 3D path. more »

Blend Modes with Filters in Avid Xpress Pro on Tiger

Blend modes produce dramatic looks, but they're processing-intensive. By harnessing the power of the Tiger OS and your computer's graphics card (GPU), Avid provides real-time compositing power. more »

Make the Right Adjustments with the JVC GY-HD100U

The JVC GY-HD100U ProHD camera features interchangeable lenses. You can decide what glass to use for the look you want. more »

HD Editing/Effects: New Power Mac G5/KONA Card Gets Your Motor Running

Apple set off another sonic boom by unveiling the Power Mac G5 Quad-the turbo-charged dual-core desktop workstation that uses a pair of 2.5 GHz G5 processors. more »

Sony Vegas 6

This recent upgrade to Sony's Vegas will be welcome news to the growing body of video professionals who prefer Vegas's intuitive interface more »

In a Flash

Lots of layering, alpha channel support, bitmap caching and blend modes have people are buzzing about the newest version of Flash from Macromedia. more »

Native HDV for Avid Xpress and Media Composer

You asked for it, and Avid listened. In mid-October, Avid began delivering native HDV editing and workflow support in its PC-based Avid Xpress Pro 5.2 systems. Later that month, it brought the same native HDV more »

Avid (Finally!) Offers Native HDV Editing

Although it was originally supposed to be available in January of this year, as of this month, Avid's Xpress Pro version 5.2 NLE systems now include the ability to edit material shot on HDV tape without more »