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It’s a Whole New World for PC Video

HDTV and personal computers might be made for each other, but it helps to have a simple way to hook all the pieces together. Hoping to make that happen, a group of computer and electronics companies has joined to develop a specification for a PC interface that connects with HD video signals. more »

How Low Can Your POV Go?

Last year came the Skater Mini Dolly, a small, compact camera dolly that enables POV camera shots as low as two inches. It's great for product shots, where anyone can use it for tracking subjects in any direction. more »

Autodesk Announces Pro Booleans for 3DS Max Subscription Customers

Autodesk Inc. today announced a new subscription delivery for its 3ds Max 8 software called Pro Booleans, a new value-added feature extension, offered exclusively for its subscription customers. more »

Canon Anamorphic Converter and Cine Prime Lens Series Deliver “Hollywood Look”

High-quality digital cinematography cameras require lenses that deliver the best possible optics accompanied by traditional film-style ergonomics. Responding to this need is Canon's "FJs" series of six High Definition Electronic Cinematography (HD-EC) 2/3-inch Cine Prime Lenses, which include the FJs 5mm, 9mm, 14mm, 24mm, 35mm, and 55mm Prime Lenses. more »

Pitfalls of the Film Tax Incentive; Possible Solutions

A new film tax incentive that was created by the Jobs Creation Act of 2004 to encourage low to middle budget films contains a serious flaw that could render it virtually unusable for many projects that this new tax break was intended to benefit. more »

Attik New York Adds New Creative and Account Directors

Global creative agency Attik today announced two key new hires for its New York operation: Tim Scott joins the agency as creative director, and Mark Anderson comes aboard as account director. more »

Technicolor Chooses Sonic to Power Blu-ray Disc and HD DVD Titles

Sonic Solutions, the leader in digital media software, and Technicolor, part of the Services division of Thomson, today announced the production of the world's first replicated discs utilizing the advanced interactive modes of the Blu-ray Disc (BD) and HD DVD formats. more »

AICP Show Embraces New Media

As broadcasters worry about making up revenue as viewers increasingly TiVo past the venerable :30 spot, this year's annual AICP show, which debuts at New York's Music of Modern Art in June, will be the first to recognize spots made for your iPod. more »

Bright Systems Takes Charge of 4K Digital Post

Ever wanted to access the same drive simultaneously via fibre channel and Ethernet? Now you can. more »

New Century Universal HD Compact .8X Wide Angle Converter

Now camcorders with 72mm lens fronts can enjoy 20% wider coverage throughout the zoom range with Schneider Optic's new Century HD Compact .8X Wide Angle Converter. more »