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Riggers Gone Wild!

Who let the animals out of the zoo? They did it themselves in PDI/DreamWorks' wacky feature animation Madagascar. more »

Commercial Sound Design Edges Toward 5.1

If you're seeking the conventional wisdom governing sound design for commercials, you're going to be disappointed. more »

DVS Clipster 2.0

DVS expands its Clipster system with an update that now supports uncompressed 4K RGB 12-bit video. An editor can mix clips at varying resolutions, including 4K, on the same timeline. The system now handles more »

Adobe Video Collection 2.5

Disguised as a software suite, the Adobe Video Collection v2.5 is really a virtual turnkey workstation. Packed with five of Adobe's most powerful applications, this suite runs well on a modest contemporary more »

Sony ACID Pro 5

Success has its drawbacks. Once your competitors figure out what you're doing, you become everyone's favorite target. Lower your guard, and your lead can suddenly evaporate. That's the challenge faced by more »

Roxio Toast 6 Titanium

Many applications, including Apple Macs, have the ability to burn CDs and/or DVDs without additional software. However, if you do a lot of burning, you might want to consider using Roxio Toast 6 more »

Create Animated Sweep NURBS with MAXON Cinema 4D

Step 1 Set the render camera Open a new project in Cinema 4D and set a render camera. While you have a choice of cameras to use, the Target Camera is easiest to use for this project. Select the target camera more »

Capture Video for Webcasting, On-Demand and Editing with ViewCast Osprey Ease

Step 1 Install the Osprey-300 video capture card Insert the Osprey-300 card into an available PCI slot and the drivers CD into your ROM drive and follow the on-screen directions to load them into the computer more »

The Ultimate Solution?

The very word holograph -a three-dimensional image derived from two interfering laser beams-conjures up the sci-fi notion of chimeras emerging from thin air. As it turns out, truth is stranger than more »

SGI Prism

Building on its computer architecture technology designed for rocket scientists, SGI has launched its new Prism open IT platform, which is intended to improve digital workflows for post-production professionals as they transition from analog to digital IT-based facilities, and from … more »