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Shoot Slow-mo HD with the Panasonic AG-HVX200

One of the fascinating and unique features of the new Panasonic AG-HVX200 is its ability to shoot with true variable frame rates. more »

Apple Final Cut Pro 5

Apple Final Cut Pro 5 is an essential pro editing upgrade for all serious users. For starters, there are performance enhancements in almost all areas of the program, as well as many vital new features more »

SoundToys TDM Effects

SoundToys Inc. (formerly Wave Mechanics) is shipping SoundToys TDM Effects for Mac OS X. The newly released SoundToys TDM Effects bundle replaces the UltraTools and UltraFX bundles, bringing all nine SoundToys more »

Facilis Terrablock 24D

Our company AlphaDogs, a post-production studio in Burbank, CA, had been looking for a shared-storage solution for more than three years. What we needed was hard to come by economically-a cross-platform system. Then we discovered Terrablock. more »

RealViz to Ship Storyviz 2

REALVIZ, a leader in image processing software development, will now ship version 2 of StoryViz, their 3D previz and storyboarding software, from the end of February 2006. more »

IRIDAS Launches SequencePublisher 2006

IRIDAS, the leader in playback and automation technologies for postproduction, today announced the release of SequencePublisher 2006. more »

Adobe OpenHD Alliance Expands

Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq:ADBE) today announced the expansion of the Adobe OpenHD alliance-originally started with Dell, HP, Intel, and Microsoft-to include 10 additional partners delivering the industry's best capture cards, graphics and video accelerators, audio tools, and data storage products. more »

Processing: Designing a Better Chip – Keep an Eye on This New CMOS Sensor

The geeks are hard at work in the lab at the University of Rochester. A pair of new technologies may soon enable power-hungry imaging chips to use just a fraction of the energy needed today and capture better images as well-all while someday enabling cameras to shrink to the size of a shirt button and run for years on a single battery. more »

Sony Launches XDCAM HD Professional Disc System

The cost of multi-format high-definition acquisition equipment, now in the $25,000 range (without lens), continues to surprise many who remember the days when a single camera cost more than a nice car. more »

DI-Eye: A Critical Look at Digital Painting

It's actually unfair to compare the look of Fateless to the extraordinary photography of Roman Vishniac, a Russian photographer who documented the now-vanished world of Eastern European Jews as Hitler rose to power. Unfair only because Fateless, which is adapted from a semi-autobiographical novel by Nobel Prize-winner Imre Kertesz, has its own stellar pedigree: it's directed by Oscar-nominated cinematographer Lajos Koltai (his feature directorial debut) and shot by Gyula Pados, H.S.E. who just finished Basic Instinct 2, after the critically acclaimed Kontroll. more »