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Alienware Introduces New Workstations

Alienware released two new workstations fully equipped to take on the demands of today's top creative professionals: the Intel-based MJ-12 7500i and the AMD-based MJ-12 7500a. more »

DI Commentary

Cinematographer Fortunato and DI artist Gawler came together in a DI suite at Technicolor Creative Services in New York to put the finishing touches on Find Me Guilty, a courtroom drama directed by Sidney Lumet and shot by Fortunato in high-def. (Fortunato and Lumet previously both worked on the TV series 100 Centre Street and onthe feature Rachel, Quand du Seigneur.) They spoke with DI Studio about the quirks of HD acquisition, the power of pixels, and the dangers of a DI for the undecided. more »

Wrap Your Head Around This: DI's Are About to Go Mobile

If you liked that moody look of a recent sci-fi hit, can you rent, license, purchase or cajole your way into applying the exact same look-up table on your indie horror film? more »

Canopus EDIUS Now Supports for Canon XL H1

Canon and Canopus today jointly announced that the Canopus EDIUS Pro v3.6 and EDIUS Broadcast realtime video editing solutions support the new Canon XL H1 affordable, lightweight 24fps HD camcorder. more »

Putting a Third Dimension in D-Cinema

Access Integrated Technologies, Inc. today announced that its Christie/AIX unit has agreed to install the necessary hardware enabling its exhibitor customers to begin showing 3D movies on all digitally-equipped screens through a non-exclusive agreement with In-Three and NuVision Technologies. more »

Other Reviews

See what others have to say about Flash 8... more »

Kisslite Designs Ringlight System for HDV

In 2004, Gekko Technology in the UK introduced Kisslight, an LED portable ringlight system that opened the door to the greater use of camera-mounted solid-state illumination, replicating the soothing, warm feel typically associated with incandescent and halogen lights. more »

Flash 8

Flash Professional 8 is the industry's most advanced authoring environment for creating interactive websites, digital experiences and mobile content. more »

New Switchers Make Format Conversion Easy

The religious debate over HD formats appears to be a thing of the past. Format converters-which let a production company that has standardized on 1080i or 720p work with material captured/stored as either-are now available in almost every piece of production equipment, including cameras. But what happens if your client asks you to produce a remote HD project that will include live SD sources? more »

Panasonic Fills Out P2 DVCPRO HD Lineup; Drops Media Prices

With its solid-state strategy firmly in place, Panasonic announced several new additions to its P2 DVCPRO HD product family for NAB. Filling in the existing holes in the solid-state system's production chain, there's a new studio recorder (AJ-HPS1500), a portable edit system (AJ-HPM100) and a double speed P2 drive (AJ-PCD20). Signaling the end of the CRT era, the company announced that LCD would take over its NAB display and announced anew 26-inch production quality LCD monitor, the BT-LH2600W. Because, a camera still doesn't feel "right" to professionals until they can heft it on their shoulders, the company will also unveil a working model of its AJ-HPC2000 P2 HD camcorder, which uses three progressive 2/3-inch CCDs and records at 720p, 1080i and 480i. The camera whichisn't scheduled to ship until November is expected to be much cheaper than a Sony HDCAM and "probably a little more" than the $26,000 XDCAM HD. more »