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HDV on the Brain

Chat with an NLE provider these days, and the subject quickly turns to HDV. Just as the HDV format helped catalyze a burst of innovation in the camera market, it continues to demand creativity on the part of software and hardware engineers more »

Create a Title Sequence in Wondertouch particleIllusion

Using particleIllusion 3.0 from Wondertouch, you can create a flashy title sequence by quickly editing and animating a handful of preset particle emitters. more »

DPI Lightning 35HD-T Projector

Lightning 35HD-T Pro Series Display from Digital Projection International (DPI) is the latest evolution of the 35HD, the company's 2K resolution large-venue projector. DPI's 35HD-T provides active 3D more »

FireStore FS-2E Studio Direct-to-Edit recorder

Focus Enhancements' new FireStore FS-2E direct-to-edit recorder is designed as a tape-deck replacement, offering industry-standard ins and outs for SDI with embedded audio, DV25, component, composite more »

Use Compression for Better Audio Control

Step 1: Record dialog audio properly For best results in post, average at -12dB on the camera. Be sure that peaks are not more than -3dB. If your audio is too quiet, you'll lose resolution/audio quality. If more »

Serious Magic HDV PowerPak

The HDV PowerPak for DV Rack add-on from Serious Magic enables users to acquire HDV footage natively. Videographers with HDV cameras can now capture, display and analyze high-resolution HDV more »

Kona LH for Final Cut Studio

Kona's new LH PCI card for Mac OS X and Final Cut Studio has HD and SD digital and analog IO. The LH supports native 10-bit uncompressed video and has on-board hardware more »

Combine Real-Time HD Title Rolls with Effected Video in Leitch VelocityHD

It's a style you've probably seen at the end of theatrical features - during the rolling titles listing the credits, small windows also roll onto the screen more »

HDV Acquisition: Canon Gets Into the HDV Game

With much fanfare, Canon introduced a new HDV camcorder, the XL H1, that offers 1080i recording, a healthy supply of useful features more »

HDV on a Disc: Sony's XDCAM Is HD-Ready

Sony's first three XDCAM HD products, the PDW-F330 camcorder and the PDW-F30 and F70 decks, will not ship in volume until the second quarter more »