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On the HD Set: Remote Productions Leverage the Roving Hot Spot

When the Sunningdale Country Club in Scarsdale, NY, welcomed the crew of The Sopranos for a location shoot this summer, a quiet revolution was taking place in the mobile dressing rooms outside. For the first time, The Sopranos had created a roving Wi-Fi hot spot for its company. more »

HD File Transcoding: Now We Can All Get Along

the maker of Flip4Mac digital media tools for Macs, has released Flip4Mac WMV Studio v1.0.6, which adds Windows Media encoding support for Apple Compressor 2.Compressor 2 is a video and audio compression application that gives Final Cut Pro users control … more »

Quick Fix for Bad Tracks

Finding the right archival clip is one thing-clearing the secondary music rights to the audio track that runs beneath it is quite another. There's finally an alternative to all the hair pulling: Let the more »

What I’m Using Now: Tascam FW-1884 and FW-1082 Interface and Control Surfaces

Albert Fox Composer/Sound Designer, Mutato Muzika, Los Angeles Favorite gear: Tascam's FW-1884 and FW-1082 Interface and Control Surfaces List: FW-1884 is $1,599 plus FE-8 Expanders ( $1,249ea); FW-1082 is more »

Mind your Mics and Get Great Sound in the Field

Step 1 Carry the right mic kit Your mic kit should consist of at least one good omni-directional lavalier mic. My favorites are the Audio-Technica AT892, Sony ECM-55, or Countryman B3. All are very small, easy more »

The Biz: Lost-and Found-in Translation

Every year hundreds if not thousands of new terms enter the English vocabulary. It's such a practical language for communicating complex ideas, in fact, that English has come to form the basis of a universal more »

Big Sound, Small Spaces

Is quality vs. quantity a zero-sum game? Perhaps, but the trend toward smaller studio spaces is an increasing reality in today's production universe. Is quality vs. quantity a zero-sum game? Perhaps, but the more »

HOT HOUSE: audioEngine Keeps Stereo Sites in Perfect Balance

WHAT'S THEIR GIG? Unless you're a wizard, it's hard to be in two places at once. That is, unless you have a business with studios located on both sides of the country. Bob Giammarco, partner of the New more »

Automatic Duck Plug-in

Automatic Duck has extended new sound design features to its timeline integration plug-in for Apple Final Cut Pro users. more »

DeWolfe's Beats & Rhymes

"Beats & Rhymes" is the latest offering from DeWolfe Music USA, featuring hip-hop tracks specially designed for production use more »