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Dell VR ready

Dell Sets Specs for VR-Ready Desktop Workstations

Dell is taking VR production seriously in 2016, announcing the first 'VR-Ready' workstations in its Precision desktop tower line-up. The new systems boast specs designed to enable solid performance during development of immersive video applications for the first-generation of standalone … more »


Ncam to Demo New Applications for Real-Time Camera Tracking at NAB

Ncam, the maker of technology for tracking a freely moving camera in real time, plans to demo photorealistic compositing techniques at NAB. By tapping Epic Games' Unreal Engine to help create photorealistic previsualizations using camera-tracking data on set, Ncam says its new … more »

Baselight 5.0

Baselight Says There’s a Better Way to Color Than Lift/Gamma/Gain

FilmLight has announced some details of its upcoming Baselight 5.0 software, including a departure from color-grading norms. Citing a desire to adopt controls that "accurately mimic the way the eye appreciates color," the new Baselight's flagship feature, Base Grade, will emphasize … more »


How Atomic Fiction Accelerated NAS VFX Performance for Deadpool and The Walk

The classic trade-off in storage architecture, especially when it comes to media, is between performance and capacity. With the advent of Flash arrays, you can crank up all the performance you need for a demanding film project. Whether it makes … more »

Panasonic DVX200

Panasonic Tweaks Color Defaults in AG-DVX200

Panasonic has been continuing development work on its recently released AG-DVX200PJ 4K camcorder, devising a new default color palette that the company says will give shooters a "more natural" look out of the camera. Wityh the latest free firmware release, … more »

Red Scarlet-W

First Look: Red Scarlet-W Camera System

Founded in 2005 by Oakley founder Jim Jannard, Irvine-based Red Digital Cinema shook up the production world by releasing a surprisingly affordable, professional 4K digital motion picture camera, the Red One. Ten years later, Oscar-nominated hits such as The Martian, … more »

ATSC 3.0 logo

ATSC 3.0 Demos Aim to Convince Next-Generation Skeptics at NAB

In addition to being a ground zero for VR, UHD, HDR, and other evolving media forms and formats, NAB 2016 is looking to be a proving ground for the new, IP-based ATSC 3.0 broadcast standard. It will be a crucial opportunity … more »


Jaunt Partners with Shotgun to Build a Better VR Pipeline

The VR gurus at Jaunt have teamed up with the pipeline experts at Shotgun Software, enlisting Shotgun's help to develop a specialized production management platform for VR production. The companies said tools developed for Jaunt by Shotgun's in-house pipeline team include improved workflow … more »

Atomos Flame series

Atomos Goes HDR with Flame Series

Atomos announced the Shogun Flame and Ninja Flame, new seven-inch 1920×1200 field monitor/recorders designed for HDR production.  What does that mean? Atomos says the new Flame series monitors display 10 stops of luminance with 10-bit color accuracy, and they record 4K … more »

HP ZBook Studio G3

Review: HP ZBook Studio G3

Choosing a workstation-class notebook computer used to be easy. To get anything approaching desktop performance, you would bite the bullet and accept whatever was available — even if it weighed more than 10 pounds, offered a limited color gamut, and … more »