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Apple 30-Inch Cinema HD Display

Hate wishy-washy reviews? You won't find one here. Apple's 30-inch Cinema HD Display is the best computer monitor I've ever used (or have ever seen anyone else use). Period. Why is it the best? That more »

Lighting a video interview with Arri Fresnels

Step 1 Set up the main light source The key light is the main source used to light the subject. Its direction and ratio to other light used establishes the mood of the illumination. An Arri 650-watt fresnel is more »

Render Out a 3D Object in Eovia Carrara 4 for Final Compositing in After Effects 6.5

Step 1 Enter the Render Room Double click on your 3D object file. [A future online version of this tutorial will include an object file, "," to use while following this more »

Sorenson Squeeze 4 Compression Suite

Overall Rating: Sweet Summary : This is a deceptively simple but fast compression app that handles most video formats, including Windows Media 9, RealMedia, QuickTime, all the MPEGs and AVC/H.264. Target Users more »

Imagine Products HD Log and TEPX Software Programs

Using your NLE system to log your footage is a huge waste of resources-why tie up your edit system just to sort through your footage? more »

Cakewalk Sonar 4 Producer Edition

Overall Rating: Sweet Summary : Great new features, including track folders and SurroundBridge, and support for over 30 different multi-channel configurations, make an already-strong program a powerhouse more »

How to combine live action and animation using Flash and After Effects 6.5

Step 1 Style your frames We start by creating style frames for the end page with the show information and A&E bug, and for the animated characters (Santa, his reindeer and sleigh). The end page was more »

How to MPEG on the Mac with Optibase MovieMaker

Step 1 Install the board Install the Optibase MovieMaker 200SP "Publisher" board, which offers SDI Video inputs, Balanced XLR and AES/EBU Audio Inputs and the ability to record audio directly into more »

Deal with shifting light during tracking shots on outdoor shoots with the Canon XL2

Step 1 Check white balance Make sure the camera already has a good white balance. Step 2 Set proper exposure Check the proper exposure for the starting angle and the finishing angle and compare the number of more »

How to edit a variety of file formats with Canopus EDIUS Pro 3

step 1 Let's start EDIUS Pro 3 and create a new project. The Project Settings dialog appears. The settings here determine the output hardware and format to use. Unlike other editing applications, the project more »