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First Look: Panasonic AJ-PX270 Camcorder

However you measure superior performance and operating efficiency, the Panasonic AG-HPX250 has proved itself an industry workhorse for documentaries, news, and other nonfiction applications. Introduced in 2011, the HPX250 ushered in a fabulous new era of compact camcorders with versatile … more »


Review: Canon EOS 6D DSLR

As a non-professional still photographer, my opinion is that the Canon 6D takes great still photos. That will conclude the still-photography portion of this review. Since this is StudioDaily, I will now consider the Canon 6D strictly as a video … more »


Review: HP Z230 Workstation

Choosing the right workstation can be tricky, especially for digital media. In theory, you want the fastest model that’s available. In reality, you have to consider cost (well-equipped workstations aren’t cheap), expandability (it should be able to grow along with … more »


Review: Assimilate Scratch Play

Scratch Play is Assimilate's new, free mini version of Scratch for use as an on-set image player—and color-correction and look establishment tool—for most every media file type. As most of you know, Assimilate Scratch and Scratch Lab are a bit … more »


Review: Promise Technology Pegasus2 R8 RAID

Promise’s Pegasus2 R8 is an eight-drive, Thunderbolt-native RAID that’s currently the fastest in the industry, thanks to its early adoption of the same Thunderbolt 2 ports that recently started shipping on Apple’s newest Macbook Pro laptops and the new Mac … more »


Review: Panasonic AG-AC90

Last year, the Panasonic AG-AC90 was introduced to little fanfare or notice. This lack of attention may have been due to the modest camera's small sensor, which, in an era of 4K workflows and Ultra HD displays, is hardly a … more »


Review: Maxx Digital ThunderRAID

Maxx Digital’s ThunderRAID is a rare breed. For starters, it’s an eight-drive RAID that’s powered by an internal, industrial-strength RAID controller from well-respected Areca. It connects to your Mac or PC via zippy Thunderbolt (version 1), delivering reads and writes … more »


Review: Smith Micro Poser 10 and Poser Pro 2014

Poser began its development life in 1997, when Fractal Design released Poser 1 and 2. Originally, the idea was to provide artists with a sort of digital maquette to serve as reference for drawing the human figure.  Poser was acquired … more »


Quick Pick: FxFactory Pro

The shooter-craftsman is the master of his or her domain. Since the impact of TV, cinema, web, and other programming is built primarily on the strength of the visual content, the ability of a shooter to serve up one compelling … more »


Review: Tascam DR-40 Audio Recorder

Recently, I was called in to record radio commercials for a number of different stations. The agency handed me a first-generation digital recorder that was about a decade old. It was archaic. It had 1/8-inch inputs, one VU meter for … more »